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    PA - Christopher Fitzpatrick & Jennifer Barrise for murder of newborn, 28 May 2011

    The mother of a gruesomely murdered newborn knew her boyfriend was going to kill the child when she handed the baby over to him, Wayne County District Attorney Michael Lehutsky said Saturday.

    Jennifer Barrise, 20, of the Hideout in Lake Ariel, was charged with criminal homicide and concealing the death of a child by state police in Honesdale late Friday. Mr. Lehutsky said she was charged as an accomplice after the investigation disclosed she knew Christopher Fitzpatrick, 20, also of the Hideout, was going to kill the child.

    Authorities said after Ms. Barrise gave birth, Mr. Fitzpatrick took the baby to a wooded area behind his place of employment, put the child on the ground and dropped a cinder block on her twice, killing her. He has been charged with criminal homicide, concealing the death of a child and two counts of the abuse of a corpse.
    more at link:


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    wth is wrong with them?!

    they could've given her up for adoption

    but noooooope, they decide to wait 9 months, torture and murder her and discard her like trash

    buh bye young murderers - I hope neither of them ever get out and are ever able to conceive again

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    I swear I almost vomited when I got to the part about the cinder block. Why? I just can't believe people, in this day and age, when you can drop off your baby at any hospital or fire station, no questions asked. Ugh.

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    I just don't understand. Why not drop the baby off at a hospital? What made them determine it was better to kill the baby than give it up for adoption? Cruelty? I will never understand these cases.

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    As someone who went to a baby's funeral last week, I am totally repulsed.

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    I was sick to my stomach when I read this story! What is wrong with these people. I am so glad the little sister had to courage to let someone know of what had happened!

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    Don't quote me until I find a link, but I believe our news said Barrise is 28 years old and the father "murderer" is 20 years old. I also think they said she had like 5 other children including one by this guy.

    Imagine the poor little sister? All of 11 years old and she's seeing babies birthed in automobiles while her brother is yelling.

    I'll find the link.

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    Good Gawd...I'm convinced this man is a demon straight from hell!

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    I will never understand why people think it is okay to kill children. If I had my say I would say that ANYONE WHO HURTS A CHILD GETS PUT TO DEATH IN THE SAME MANNER THEY KILLED THE CHILD. This has to stop!

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    Indeed "mom" is 28 years old. No bail for either of them. Barrise's mother said she did not know her daughter was pregnant or the baby would not be dead. The couple has been together according to Ms. Schiavone the mom of Ms. Barrise. She wants him locked up forever and is supporting her daughter. She never saw any violence from him when he lived with her, but the relationship was rocky.

    I'll say. Anyone screaming at you to hurry up and give birth so they have to do what they have got to do would be in a rocky relationship.


    Comments at end of link.

    Jennifer Barrise has five other children all under the age of 9 years old who are living with relatives.


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    From May 2012:


    Jacqueline Amber Barrise's brief life began on the floor of her parents' car and ended, within hours, beneath the weight of a cinder block.

    For dropping that weight, picking it up and dropping it again, the rest of the life of her 21-year-old father and murderer, Christopher T. Fitzpatrick, will be spent in a state prison cell...

    As Mr. Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty to murder in the first-degree under an agreement with the district attorney's office that he would cooperate with the prosecution of Ms. Barrise in exchange for their not seeking the death penalty against him, he faced a mandatory sentence of life without the possibility of parole.
    From December 2012:


    Jennifer Barrise was sentenced to seven to 14 years behind bars.

    She pleaded guilty back in September to third degree murder.

    On Thursday, the judge told her she knew her boyfriend Christopher Fitzpatrick was going to kill their baby, and she did nothing to stop it.

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