What could be more wholesome and fun than a fishing tour to the Amazon? Shame on Mr. Schair and his customers--preying on the youngest, poorest and most vulnerable.


4 Brazilians accuse US man of running sex tour

"Four Brazilian women sued an American fishing tour operator on Tuesday, claiming that he coerced them with alcohol, drugs and the promise of money to perform sex acts with tourists on his boat along the Amazon. The federal complaint targets Richard Schair, who until 2009 operated the Wet-A-Line Tours.

It contends he recruited the four underage Brazilians and others from an impoverished community and duped them into performing sex acts on him and his customers, who were often affluent American travelers.
Schair told The Associated Press he is innocent and that the claims originated in a "quest by a competitor to ruin me" but declined further comment. The lawsuit in federal court in north Georgia was brought by four unnamed plaintiffs who said they were between 12 and 17 when the sex acts took place...."


"...He began to actively recruit "sex tourism" customers from the U.S. to come on the tours, and many of his clients were wealthy Americans, the lawsuit said. But the fishing expeditions gave way to wild parties that involved underage girls, drugs and sex, the complaint said. Schair sent fishing guides and other employees into the community of Autazes and a nightclub along the Amazon to recruit young girls and buy drugs. In return, it said, they were paid a "modest" sum of money. "The girls, including the plaintiffs, were impoverished and the possibility of earning money on the boat was a significant inducement...."

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