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    NC - Donna Barnhardt, 59, & Darrell Noles, 44, Concord, 13 June 2008

    On Jun 13, 2008 a man entered the Sundrop bottling Plant in Concord, NC to rob the place. He entered the office, began shooting, and killed two people. The victims were 59-year-old Donna Barnhardt and 44-year-old Darrel Noles. Darrel Noles was filling out a employment application. Donna Barnhardt was the office manager and had been employed at Sundrop for 18 years.

    The killer has never been found. A sketch of a black man who had been seen outside the plant carrying something in a box has not helped in the search for the shooter.

    These families deserve to know who killed their loved ones.

    There is a $75,000 reward offered for information leading to the person responsible for these murders.
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    Widow in Sun-drop shooting charged with embezzlement

    "Tressy Hackett Noles, 43, was charged in connection with an embezzlement from Spectrum Sales in Concord, where she worked until February, police said. A Concord police investigation showed more than $60,000 was embezzled from 2004 to 2008."

    Read more: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/200...#ixzz1PJXYkLUz

    Although, LE says this had nothing to do with the shootings it certainly raises a lot of questions...............

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    Description of man trying to get in earlier in the day.

    Police described the "person of interest" in the sketch as a black man, 24 to 29 years old, with dark hair and a medium complexion. He stands 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 9 ...

    You can see a sketch at:


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    The Sundrop Murders aired on "America's Most Wanted" May 23, 2009

    Link to AMW:


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    From December 2015:


    A social media post shared widely on Facebook has the attention of Concord investigators. It compares a sketch of the suspect, thought to be behind the 2008 murders at the Sun Drop Bottling Plant in Concord, to Darren Manuel, the man accused of the I-85 rest stop shooting.

    Concord police say they are investigating tips that Manuel looks similar to the Sun Drop murder suspect...

    The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office did say they don’t see a connection at this time.

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    This was heartbreaking, right before Father's Day. I lived down the road (you could see the Sundrop Plant from the end of my street) and we happened to be away for a long weekend. I don't normally get all that freaked out but I must say I was concerned coming home to my house knowing it had been empty since early Friday. Everyone in the area was so alert looking for whoever did this and the banner with the sketch and reward information was up at the plant until fairly recently.

    i am so sorry for the victims' families and the employees of the plant.

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