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    Items entered into evidence

    Mods this is my first thread so not sure if I am breaking any rules or if it's in the wrong place if so, I apologize.

    I was looking for a list of the items that have been introduced into evidence so far. I was looking particularly to see if ICA's photobucket account had made it in. Since I couldn't locate one I thought maybe we could list the ones we know of.

    Pontiac Sunfire
    Hair with Death band
    Duct tape
    Heart Sticker
    Bella vita tattoo
    Chloroform Searches and other related internet searches
    Jail house videos
    Phone Call home


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    Whitney Laundry bag
    Winne The Pooh Blanket
    Big trouble T-shirt

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    Watched trial again on part 6 a stipulation was entered for photo bucket account from 05/24/07
    till 07 /16/08.Maybe they will be shown in the morning.
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    I Love You MOM 6/16/32 - 5/30/09

    Justice for Travis 5/8/13

    Justice For Emma
    Stacey Barker - Guilty - Murder 1 - 5/24/11
    25 to Life - Sentenced 6/17/11

    Justice Denied for Caylee Marie Anthony
    July 5,2011

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