I am so pleased that this wise judge allowed Rose to support this child as she testified. Our own Children's Advocacy Center has a therapy dog and he's been incredible with the traumatized children. I hope this practice continues. Rose is a trained assistance dog, no different than a dog for the vision impaired or seizure prone. Why on earth would a dog deemed necessary for a person to function in society cause a jury to have undue sympathy? I like to give juries more credit than that.


NY man guilty in sex case; dog helped girl witness

"An upstate New York man was convicted Thursday of sexually assaulting a girl for four years starting when she was 10, an ordeal the girl was only able to describe while testifying with a companion dog at her side.

The jury deliberated seven hours before finding Victor Tohom, 36, guilty of predatory sexual assault against a child and child endangerment.The now 15-year-old victim testified Monday that Tohom repeatedly raped her. While she spoke, she pet 11-year-old golden retriever Rose, who was trained to comfort troubled or distressed children. The judge allowed the dog on the stand, a first in New York, because the girl suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder..."


"...Tohom's lawyer objected to the undue sympathy he said jurors might give the girl. He said he would appeal the conviction...."

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