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    IN - Lauren Spierer, 20, Bloomington, 03 June 2011 - #7,1261306.story

    Bloomington Police search for missing 20 year old woman
    Lauren Spierer, age 20.
    She is a white female, 4 feet 11 inches tall, slender build, has blue eyes and long blonde hair. She is listed as a student according to IU Bloomington's website.
    Spierer was last seen walking south on College Avenue from 11th Street on her way back to her apartment in Smallwood Plaza, located on College Avenue.
    She did not arrive to her apartment and video footage does not show her entering the apartment complex.
    Spierer was wearing a white tank top with a loose, light colored button shirt over it and full length black stretch pants. She was not wearing shoes.

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