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    OR inmates' mental health problems outstrip the system

    I'm sure the statistics are similar in every state. This is simply not sustainable.


    Oregon inmates' mental health problems outstrip a system never designed to handle them
    June 19, 2011

    "Year after year, the percentage of prisoners battling psychiatric demons has edged up. Now, seven in 10 of the state's 14,000 inmates need some type of mental health care in a system never designed to provide it.

    Corrections Department officials have added 525 beds for mental health care since 2005 for a total of 900 -- more than in the Oregon State Hospital. They've created separate mental health infirmaries within prisons. They've even turned a "supermax" facility into a ward for the most severely ill.

    It's not enough....."

    More at link

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    Well what did they think would happen when they started dropping people from the State mental hospital onto Salem street corners and simply driving away?

    They started doing that in the early 90's. They had to go somewhere. Under a bridge, in a homeless camp site, stealing food, having episodes wherever they are.

    I mean seriously, once a person is an adult their families no longer have to be responible for them, and by then the families are too exhausted to help, other than bring them food and clothing provided they can find them.
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    One of the issues which has always really bothered me is that a person in crisis can go to county mental health services or even be hospitalized and get appropriate meds--usually a month's worth. The same thing happens for some in prison. The public doesn't stop to think that once the person is released from the hospital or prison, the meds run out. And who, without insurance, can pay for psychotropic drugs out of pocket? The vast majority cost $75-500 month. There are patient assistance programs but they take a huge amount of paperwork, doctor's visits, frequent phone calls and the patience of Job. Same thing goes for teens with mental health issues and medical needs aging out of foster care. One day you have your meds and your insurance and the next day you don't. You also have no family. Not everyone can just buck up and straighten up and fly right. Oregon's unemployment rate is hovering between 10-12% (depending on the county). Untenable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missizzy View Post
    I'm sure the statistics are similar in every state. This is simply not sustainable....
    They are, indeed, Missizzy. The U.S. Supreme Court has finally intervened down here:


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    Makes me sick how the mentally ill are criminalized rather than treated.