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    TX - Joseph Ortiz arrested for nearly decapitating his family's Chihuahua

    Now, I have no idea whether this young man killed the poor little dog in some sort of ritual or just out of cruelty but I do know that this young man is deeply troubled. Animal torture is often a precursor to even darker crimes. I find it interesting, though, that family, neighbors and even the first responders mention satanic overtones or a "cult-like" evidence at the scene. Seems that once the Police Chief got wind of that, he tried to tamp it down.

    Dabblers have a way of checking the date and this was just prior to the Summer Solstice, if he'd been reading his satanic manual. We had another young man, Matthew O. Foote (we have a thread), who killed his parents' little Chihuahua also on a Sunday (Lammas Day, August 1-2) while they were at church. At first he said he said he thought the dog was Jesus and then changed the apparition to Satan. Said he'd been hanging out with very "evil" people. Just sayin'.

    Dogs go to heaven, in my world.


    Police: 18-year-old slit dog's throat; no evidence of 'satanic worship'

    "Police here have charged an 18-year-old man with animal cruelty for allegedly slitting the throat of his grandparents’ Chihuahua. Police said Joseph Adam Ortiz of Primera killed the dog Sunday by slitting its throat with a sharp kitchen knife, nearly decapitating the animal....."


    "Police Chief Joe Rodriguez, who described the killing as “gruesome,” said neighbors and family members have called the pet slaying an act of “satanic worship.” Investigators initially said they found possible “cult-like” evidence at the scene...."


    "...Rodriguez said there is no evidence to support these claims and said the “satanic” claims were mere speculation...."

    more at link (plus mug shot and comments)

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    Bath salts? Psychosis? If someone kills a dog out of rage, there's simply not going to be any sort of "cult-like" evidence around. A monster who did that would probably quickly dispose of the dog and nothing more would be heard about it. This is different.


    Neighbors speak out about Joseph Adam Ortiz

    "....Joseph had cut the dog from (the top of its chest to its stomach) and cut its head off." Primera Police arrested Ortiz and charged him with animal cruelty.

    AR and her children are in disbelief that the teen they describe as, "a good kid," may have been capable of something so brutal. However, AR said, "He’s been acting kind of strange the last week or so...."


    "...Ortiz print[ed] images of Satan from a school computer. She said Ortiz reportedly had also written the word "Satan" on his room walls. Primera Police Chief Joe Rodriguez said they are still investigating the possibility of this being a case of satanic rituals. Police are also still awaiting autopsy results for the dog, which Ramirez said was named Rosie...."

    more at link (plus comments)

    Why do struggling teens grasp at dark occult practices when they are in crisis? I've never fully understood that. Rest in peace, Little Rosie.

    Possibly related?


    McAllen residents concerned about 'Satanic' worship on vacant lot
    June 14, 2011



    'Satanic' worship site discovered in Hidalgo County?
    June 14, 2011

    5 photos in a slideshow and 50 comments

    Not sure if these two articles refer to the same location. Primera, where Ortiz was arrested is about 25-30 miles away from this site. Interesting that Matthew O. Foote, arrested for a similar crime had spent the previous week with a group of "evil" people in a nearby county. Came home and killed the family dog.

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