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    Police Search For Rapist Whose Tongue Was Bitten Off

    Police in Bangkok say they are searching for a man who had his tongue bitten off when he allegedly tried to rape a girl.

    The 17-year-old said she pretended to consent to his advances and then bit off a part of his tongue. She later took the inch-long piece of flesh to police. She said the man screamed at her afterwards and kicked her in the neck before she was able to run away.

    Police said they're confident he'll be caught when he goes to have the injury treated.


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    Well, well, well.....................looks like someone got EXACTLY what they deserved. I hope the young girl is okay.

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    My question would be: How do you treat a tongue that has been partially bitten off?

    P S to Casshew, I don;t know what the weather is like up in Canada this time of year, but here in Denver its gets prertty cold at night to be riding around in one's underwear.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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    Hi Vicktor ~ where have you been? I have been wondering about you, glad you are back.

    It is pretty cold here at night, good snuggling weather and that is not my underwear

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