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    NM - Lloyd, 55, Dixie, 53, & Steven Ortiz, 21, murdered, El Rancho, 19 June 2011

    A couple and their 21 year old son have been found murdered in their home. At first it was thought they were shot but LE says that is not true and they are not releasing the cause of death only to say all three have been murdered. They live in a small town north of Sante Fe. Lloyd Ortiz, his wife Dixie and their 21-year old foster son Steven were discovered in their El Rancho home Sunday.

    The video has a lot of details:


    Another article tells how a relative does not like how the murders are being investigated:
    The relative chose to remain anonymous and said Steven was not involved in anything bad, like drugs or crime, and was just an innocent victim who for some reason was made a target....

    Investigators said that neighbors should be on alert near the home in El Rancho and on the lookout for any suspicious activity in the neighborhood.


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    The young defendant charged with bludgeoning three members of a Santa Fe County family to death in 2011 with a pickax was trying to steal $20,000 to buy drugs – and knew the people he killed well, even staying at their house at times.

    That’s according to a State Police report made public for the first time Monday and used to charge Nicholas Ortiz, now 20, with the murders. Ortiz, who was arrested Friday, was only 16 when he allegedly carried out the triple homicide...

    Jose Roybal, who the police report says went to the murder scene with Ortiz but “punked out” before the killings, told investigators last year that “Nicholas was as white as a ghost” and “in shock” after beating the three family members to death.

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    From August:


    At the end of a three-day preliminary hearing, a judge ruled Wednesday that there is probable cause to bind Nicholas Ortiz over for trial in the Father’s Day 2011 mattock-style pickax slayings of a family in their El Rancho home...

    [Ashley Roybal] testified this week that she drove Ortiz and her cousin to the victims’ home the night of the killings and that she picked up a shaken Ortiz about 20 minutes later and gave him clean clothes and a trash bag to dispose of his bloody garments, and she let him shower at her house. Her testimony came after she entered a plea deal earlier this week that could send her to prison for up to 14 years for convictions related to the murder case, as well as unrelated burglaries and other crimes...

    Marlowe also got the state police sergeant to verify that investigators found a safe with a large amount of money — $80,000, according to Marlowe — inside the Ortiz family’s home.

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    Nicholas Ortiz is about to go to trial:


    As the First District Attorney’s Office prepares to bring a young Pojoaque man to trial on three counts of first-degree murder in the 2011 slaying of an El Rancho family, both the prosecution and defense are attempting to limit what jurors will hear...

    A district judge is scheduled to hear the motions Wednesday. A trial is set to begin May 17 in the case...

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    Nearly five years after three members of the Ortiz family were killed in the small community of El Rancho, the trial of the young man accused of using a heavy tool as a weapon to commit the homicides began Tuesday with jurors hearing very different accounts from two key witnesses...

    Jose Roybal and his first cousin Ashley Roybal, who say they were with Nicholas Ortiz the night of the murders, were the only witnesses to testify Tuesday. Both said they and Nicholas Ortiz hatched a plan to burglarize the Ortiz family's house that night as a means to get money. Ashley Roybal testified there was no plan to kill the Ortizes, but Jose told the jury it was her idea to commit the murders.

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    From June:


    Prosecutors will retry a New Mexico man accused of murdering three members of an El Rancho family after jurors failed to reach a verdict...

    The jury said it was stuck 8-4, with the majority believing 21-year-old Nicholas Ortiz killed 55-year-old Lloyd Ortiz, 53-year-old Dixie Ortiz and their son, 21-year-old Steven Ortiz.

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