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    NJ - Teens rescue 6 children, some naked, after mom leaves.

    She had left the children under the care of her 14 year old autistic children.
    One of the teens said the kids hadn't eaten in days.

    New Jersey mom, Francine Davis, jailed after kids found roaming Jersey City streets naked, hungry

    Three of the children were unclothed, and a toddler was almost hit by a car, according to the Jersey Journal.
    The teens then broke into Davis' apartment and found her youngest child alone and crying. Glover and Wyatt called the police before bathing and feeding them.
    Glover said the children said they hadn't eaten in days.
    "They didn't know how to eat with forks," Glover told the Journal.


    Another article.
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    Those poor kids. So glad they are all alive and now in foster care.
    Just my opinions (and I have been wrong before)!


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    Good lord. What possesses someone to have SIX children when she obviously doesn't want to care for any of them?

    I hope they are all being well-cared for now. Poor little babies.

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    The children, who ranged in age from 2 to 14 years old, were saved when two downstairs neighbors, Aaliyah Glover, 16, and Nilaja Wyatt, 17, noticed the kids wandering the streets in Jersey City on Tuesday afternoon.

    Kudos to these two teenages who showed more mothering instincts than........well.......these childrens' own 'mother'

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    I applaud the teens who were observant enough to notice the children and were brave enough to take action. Without them there could have been a tragedy.

    These teens weren't the only ones in that neighborhood who saw the children I am sure. But it wasn't the adults who stepped in, it was the teens. Makes me proud to know they cared enough.

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