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View Poll Results: If the DEATH PENALTY wasn't on the table would the Anthonys still try to save ICA?

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    268 73.42%
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    IF the DEATH PENALTY wasn't on the table would the the Anthonys still try to save her

    I have heard the TH's say that Death is different..true, however, is it different for the A's or is this just how the A's would react no matter what the charges were?

    CA's behavior has been excused by MANY because "it's understandable, she's trying to save her daughters life."

    Knowing what I know from the last 3 years, I am calling BS on that but am curious if others feel the same?
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    I think they would try and save her no matter what.

    A shame how poor little Caylee has been forgotten. A loving grandmother my @$$. She has disgraced Caylee's memory and whatever ill befalls this family in the future (such as ICA getting the DP) it will be well deserved.

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    I am furious. Sickened. Mad.

    Regardless whether or not the DP was involved in this I strongly believe that GA, CA and LA would lie to help protect their sociopathic inmate sweetheart.

    We are here BECAUSE they never made the inmate suffer any consequences.

    They are lying to cover and save her so that she DOESN'T have to suffer any consequences (or lesser ones in the very least).

    Vicious cycle, anyone?

    Some things never change. You can't teach an old dog a new trick....

    They are certifiable and they make me sick. Can't wait for this to end so that there is some resemblance of closure for Caylee - the true and ONLY victim in the Anthony family.

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    Yes they would still try to save her. It is apparently more important to them just to slap her on the wrist like all the other times she disgraced them with stealing money, etc...than seeing justice get done.

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    Voted "I don't know." I think CA is controlling and would try to control anything or anyone put in her path. That said, I wouldn't want to walk in her shoes and I understand her trying to save her daughter from the DP. I don't believe in the DP for many reasons. This is just one of them.

    I think the A's feel a lot of guilt for being caught up in their marital problems and possibly neglecting their children emotionally.

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    Yes A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y.

    All the Anthonys seem to LOVE that word don't they?
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    IMHO they have saved her all her life. Why would they stop now? Death penalty or no Death Penalty they would rescue her. JMHO

    My Grandma used to say "Hope springs eternal."

    When we saw CA so broken I "hoped" that she had finally changed. I always believe in second chances for everyone. I thought now that ICA was blaming her behavior on sexual abuse from GA and LA, CA would see the light. I was wrong.
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    I'm going to be different. So hold your fire till I am done. Ok?

    I believe that if the DP wasn't on the table, they might fight some. But they wouldn't go to this extreme. Probably they would have just satisfied themselves with an impact statement where they might have pleaded for her to get parole someday, but I think they would have been truthful.

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    I voted no but I should have voted I don't know. I don't think Cindy or George would EVER forgive Casey for what she did. From what I've read and heard, Cindy almost wrung Casey's neck herself for taking advantage of her and her family members. Because Casey's life is now on the line, the parents know they must do anything to place doubt of 1st degree murder in the heads of the jurors, even lie on the stand. I think they would have turned their backs on her if the death penalty wasn't on the table. I'm probably really wrong on this since it's obvious the Casey played her family for so long and they accepted her awful behavior for years.

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    With out a doubt YES, they would. It's all about image with these folks. They want nothing less than acquittal, they just won't have it, DP or not. I know this is generalizing, but it's typical narcissistic but in a family unit sort of way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tasylshari View Post
    I am furious. Sickened. Mad.
    This describes how I feel. I can't even watch the trial coverage right now because the Anthonys enrage me. I know it is not good for my mental state and it is not worth letting the venomous Anthony clan affect my personal life.

    Think of how much damage Casey has done. A beautiful, bright child, dead. Her family, ruined. Amy H.'s checking account, cleaned out. Vasco Thompson, his life upended. The real ZFG, ruined. All the lives of LE, the neighbors, affected... and millions of Americans coast to coast enraged, their mental states upended, and their productivity at work probably affected. The effects ripple on and on...

    Amazing how much damage one toxic person can cause.

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    I don't believe it would make any difference. It's obvious by what is being said in the courtroom, under oath, that at least her mother wants an acquittal.

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    Cindy has lied to herself and to others all of ICA's life to save her. ICA stole money from her, her grandmother, lied about being pregnant and Cindy was there to mop up all the messes and blame everybody else. Of COURSE she would lie to save her on a lesser offense.

    P.S. I know you said the Anthonys plural but it goes without saying the other two have been taught/raised to be her pawns on her nice lil chess table of life.

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    I don't know. I can't get into these people's heads at all. It's like they're a different species or something. I'm angry and disgusted by their attitude too.

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    I really think the A's think they are above the law and can manipulate any situation to their liking. They would have fought whatever the ultimate penalty limit was.
    This makes me want the DP even more to punish them as well and I can't help but wonder if the jury is feeling the same way...

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