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    Nine Pit Bulls impounded after vicious attack

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    This poor woman, what a nightmare!!
    There is no reason I can think of for someone having this many pitbulls.
    this is just my opinion, it may be wrong, user beware!

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    Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!!

    Whoever owns these Pits should be held responsible! to the fullest extend of the law!

    I am a devout Pitbull defender. My own sweet pitbull died 2 weeks ago of a heart attack and I will miss her forever.

    My brother owns Pitbulls. Raised correctly (and their breeding makes a big difference too) they are loving family members.

    Pitbulls were originally bred for dog fights (as many well know). However, it was not desirable for a pitbull to attack a human because of the handlers that had to be in the ring. Consequently, a well bred Pitbull is very friendly to humans and will rarely attack them. They are playful and energetic and affectionate and mischievous. All of the pits in our family would happily lead a burglar to the items they are looking for if the burglar were to pet them. I call them PITiful lol.


    They will attack other animals and they do not have to be trained to do so. Many times they do it with no warning (no growling and sometimes with their tail wagging).

    It is the responsibility of anyone who owns these dogs to keep them properly contained. They climb trees and they also chew through walls. If an owner cannot or will not educate himself about how to properly contain one of these animals then they should never, never own one!

    It is this kind or irresponsible ownership, inbreeding of these dogs and idiots who fight them that give these intelligent, playful clowns a bad name.

    Makes me so mad.