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    CA - 81 Year Old Sex Offender Attempted Kidnapping

    81 years old this guy is. Proof they never stop. Keith Holmes stopped a 12 year old girl as she walked on the sidewalk and asked if she wanted a ride. The child declined. Thankfully she was walking in sight of her parents.

    Even after the little girl declined pervert continued to follow alongside of her slowly. Mom intervened and asked the creep what he wanted. He sped off, but mom got his license plate number and called cops.

    Since 2009 this guy has been arrested for annoying children. How many kids out there did he have access to at home? Yeah he's locked up on a hefty bail, but he should have been locked up for good.


    Thank goodness this little girl is O.K. and good for mom. Seriously who the he77 thinks an 81 year old registered sex offender is driving a car let alone trying to abduct kids?

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    With a face like that I would run screaming away from the car

    81 and still at it, disgusting I say ! Lock him up for the rest of his miserable life !
    What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you....
    Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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    Bumping because I have a particular disdain for elderly pedophiles. I've personally heard people say things like "Couldn't be he's too old" or "That kid must have the wrong person mixed up in their head because he's an edlerly grandfather".

    Nope. They exist. They make me sick.

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