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    Listen Again to ICA Make 9/18/08 Call to 911 Re Protesters

    Knowing what we know now, it's really interesting to listen again to ICA's 911 call on 9/18/08 about some protesters in the front yard:

    (Cindy is first, then ICA starts about the :45 mark)

    Casey can't call 911 about a drowning, but can call about some protesters in the front yard? ICA "They need to be arrested because this just can't keep happening"

    (Mods the old thread about this call is closed now, so that's why I posted a new one. Please remove if this is incorrect, but oh, please listen again first, she's really sumpthin' LOL)

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    It's bizarre isn't it?

    There was a recent case here in Australia that resulted in a Coronial Inquest regarding a child with a disability that apparently drowned in a blow-up pool. The parents immediately called 000 (our equivalent of your 911). There was some speculation that the parents couldn't cope with her disability and may have been responsible for her drowning death. But, they still alerted authorities immediately.

    I guess what I'm trying to articulate is, if a child supposedly drowned, one would called emergency services.

    I can't get my head around a family hiding a legitimate accident for the sake of saving face.

    They're a weird bunch these Anthony's.

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