Not a soul will mention the dates. Why, why, why? If black kitties get tortured on or near Halloween, everyone is pretty much certain what happened. When will we wake up and realize that our pets and other animals are tortured and sacrificed in rituals on certain dates? It happens every single year.

Cats Beheaded In Sharpsburg
June 22, 2011 [same day the one was reported in Oregon]

"A $200 reward has been put up by Animal Friends for information leading to an arrest in the mutilations of two cats in Sharpsburg. The felines were found in separate plastic bags. Authorities know the owner of one of the cats...."


"...In Pennsylvania, animal cruelty is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to five years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine."

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And, we have to turn to the UK for an update:

Mystery of the tortured and mutilated animals staked out by a railway line
June 28, 2011

"Police are hunting for a 'sick' animal killer after finding two decapitated cats and a large rodent which died after being trapped on a train track.
The grim discoveries were made on railroad tracks in Sharpsburg, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with one creature laid on the track with a man-made stake holding it in place. The cats found on Wednesday [6/22] were in separate plastic shopping bags and both had been beheaded...."


"....Animal Welfare Groups raised a reward of $200 after the mutilation of the cats, but this has since risen to $2,000 following the latest gruesome find on tracks under the 62nd Street Bridge...."

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And, it was a groundhog:

Groundhog Nailed To Railroad Tracks Found In Sharpsburg
2 Beheaded Cats Found Earlier This week