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    NE - Regina Bos, 40, Lincoln, 17 Oct 2000

    ShowerSinger found this great article on Regina Bos.


    I know what happened to that woman. The singer who disappeared outside that bar. I know how she died.

    The phone calls began a year after Gina Bos disappeared from outside of Duggan's Pub. The 40-year-old mother of three performed at open mic night, stashed her guitar in the trunk of her green Saturn and vanished before she could close the lid.

    Sometimes it's smack that killed her.

    Sometimes it's meth.

    Sometimes it's the Mexican Mafia, silencing her because she knew too much about the drug trade.

    "It's never first-hand information," says Lincoln Police Detective Greg Sorensen. "But it keeps going around and around in a vicious circle."

    Four years after Gina's disappearance, the detective contends with a case as baffling as any in his 25 years on the force.

    He has no evidence to make him believe the rumors are true. But he will say this: Gina knew the person she left with that night. And Gina is dead.

    "We don't have enough information to say who killed Gina, but I don't think Gina just walked away."

    Some of the rumors came from busted drug dealers, bartering with the cops.

    Sometimes people called to say they knew the truth and just wanted to clear their consciences.

    "At the time one of the rumors was coming in we were having heroin overdoses in the city and that was the link," says Sorensen.

    "A couple of times I thought, ‘This is it.'"

    And then it wasn't. People lied. Trails dead-ended.

    But, someone out there knows, he says.

    They know where her body is. They know how she died.

    The rest of the Story is here

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    Press Release from the family:

    YOUR CHANCE to WIN $25,000!


    Art and Music Festival for the Missing!

    Erin Runnion Guest Speaker

    RONNY Cox with Lisa Haley

    Jannel Rap and the C Street Band

    A candle light vigil to honor the missing!

    Saturday, May 21, 2005 4 PM-10 PM
    Pearson Park Amphitheatre
    401 N Lemon Ave
    Anaheim, Ca 92805
    $5.00 (kids under 10 FREE) Reserved Seating $10.

    For Immediate Release: May 14, 2005...GINA(Greater Information Now Available) for Missing Persons has announced our keynote speaker, Erin Runnion, famed actor and musician, Ronny Cox, singer/songwriter and founder of GINA, Jannel Rap, well known and respected OC Musicians: Jay Buchanan, Chris Paul Overall, The Deborah Rose Band and Guest Emcee the Magician, Eric La Mage,

    Erin Runnion is the mother of five-year-old Samantha Runnion, who was abducted and murdered July 2002. In honor of Samanthas motto to Be Brave, Erin Runnion created The Joyful Child Foundation. Erin brings a realistic perspective of what it means to lose a child and continue to strive to Be Brave in hope of change and justice.

    Ronny Coxs latest CD entitled "Ronny Cox Live" presents a family show entitled "Songs, Stories and Out and Out Lies." Ronny, one of the most respected and sought-after actors in Hollywood, is known for his work in "Deliverance,"Beverly Hills Cop (I & 11)", "Bound for Glory", "Robo Cop", "Total Recall", Senator Kinsey in "Stargate SG1" & guest role in "Star Trek, the Next Generation".

    Jannel Raps sister, Gina, disappeared Oct 2000 after an open mike night. GINA for Missing Persons was created in her honor. GINA has organized 100 plus events and created a TV show entitled America Lost and Found. 411Warrior.org & 411Gina.org

    Event includes: Songwriting contest, art and music booths, fingerprinting, refreshments, raffle prizes with merchandise from major label artists, Hank Aaron and Barry Zito autographed baseballs, books, CDs, trips, dinner and a chance to WIN an autographed guitar from 2004 Grammy Winning Artists Maroon 5 and/or $25,000 in cash!

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    Bos' family forges on
    BY CINDY LANGE-KUBICK / Lincoln Journal Star.

    Get rid of it. That picture in the window of their red Saturn. That picture of their Gina, smiling out at the other drivers down in Arizona. Gina’s face and her parents’ plea: Missing From Lincoln. Call Crime Stoppers if you have any information…

    Maybe they mean well, Dee Rap thinks. Get over it, get on with your life, look how long it’s been… But they haven’t lost a daughter. So the mother just ignores them. She swallows her words. She walks away. The picture stays.

    And this happens a lot, too: A petite woman walks by, walking the way Gina walked with a lilt in her step, the same auburn hair.

    Dee’s heart stops, just for a second. She knows it’s not her daughter. She knows it’s not Regina Bos, 42-year-old Lincoln mother of three, missing since Oct. 17, 2000, last seen outside Duggan’s Pub in downtown Lincoln.

    She sneaks a look. She knows she’ll see a stranger’s face, but she can’t stop herself.

    “I don’t think it’s her, but I want it to be,” Dee says Thursday, back in Lincoln where she and Carl raised seven kids before moving to Arizona last year.

    Carl and Dee will be at Meadowlark Coffeehouse Sunday afternoon. They’ll listen to their daughters sing — Jannel and Leann and Tammy. And their son, Von, too.

    They hope all their kids will be here to remember Gina.

    Before the concert, they’ll gather across the street from Duggan’s. Dee will bring the sign she made: a piece of poster board with Gina’s picture.

    “Bring me home,” the sign says in big letters. “It’s been five long years.”

    They’ll sing some songs. They’ll remember.

    No one has ever been arrested in Gina’s disappearance.

    Lincoln Police Detective Greg Sorensen thinks he’s talked to her killer. He won’t say much more. Only that the killer should call him. Let him know where the body is.

    Her family knows Gina is dead.

    “If she were alive we would know,” her mother says. “She would have never left her children. Never. Ever.”

    Gina was a single mom with two sons and a little girl. Her family joked that she had a fourth child: Harley, her guitar.

    The guitar was in the trunk of her Saturn that night. She put it there after playing at open mike at the downtown bar.

    And then she was gone.

    Her big sister Jannel Rap started an organization in California — G.I.N.A. For Missing Persons: Greater Information Now Available For Missing Persons.

    She’s staged dozens of concerts, hosted a television series on missing Americans and is working on another.

    At the coffeehouse Sunday, the group will let people know about other missing adults from the Midwest.

    “Jannel’s done so much,” her mother says. “Gina would be so proud.”

    Just the other day, Carl was driving on the freeway near their new home. A car zoomed by. The woman driving, she looked so much like Gina.

    He froze behind the wheel. The woman slowed down, looking at that sign in the window. Looking at Gina’s face.

    Get over it … Get on with your life…

    Carl and Dee celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year.

    Gina would have loved that. She loved holidays and parties. She never forgot anyone’s birthday. She gave the best cards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

    If the kids needed a costume for Halloween, Gina would whip one up. If anyone needed cheering up, Gina would be there.

    Dee looks in the mirror. She needs a new hairstyle. She wishes Gina was here. Gina could fix it just the way she likes it.

    Sometimes Dee and Carl need cheering up. There are so many emotions. Anger and sadness and love.

    And wanting to know: Who took Gina? What happened to their girl?

    They let God deal with it, because they can’t.

    Get rid of it … Take that sign down…

    She’ll take the sign down, Dee says.

    “When we find her.”

    If you go

    Early on Oct. 17, 2000, Regina Bos, a Lincoln mother of three, disappeared outside Duggan’s Pub. Local musicians and family members will honor Bos from 2-4 p.m. Sunday at Meadowlark Coffeehouse, 1624 South St.

    You can help

    If you have any information on the disappearance of Regina Bos, call Lincoln Police Detective Greg Sorensen at 441-7708 or go to www.411Gina.org

    Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
    President and Founder,
    Project Jason
    Read our Voice for the Missing Blog

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    So little info

    Wow it seems so sad that there is not more info available about this one.

    However, if I ever run across anything I will post it in the appropriate section. :-)

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    Press Release from 411gina.org:

    For Immediate Release: Oct 10, 2005

    5 Year Disappearance of Lincolnite Brings Music, International Webcast and NASCAR!

    In honor of: Gina Bos Missing since Oct. 2000

    5th Annual “GINA Concert”

    OCTOBER 16, 2005

    Meadowlark Coffee House
    1624 South Street
    Lincoln, NE

    Jannel Rap with Yvonne Perea

    Local talent: Shawn Benjamin, Brian McDonald, Von Rap, Patty Sullivan, Leann and Tammy (Rap) Smith, Mick Damian, Mike Johnson & Steve Ekery

    Profiling Midwest MISSING:

    (**Family members will be in attendance)

    **Gina Bos and **Melissa Schmidt-Lincoln, **Jason Jolkowski-Omaha, **Jackie Rains-Krachman-Columbus, **Erin Pospisil-Cedar Rapids, Molly Datillo-Indianapolis, Ashley Martinez-St Joseph, Justin Harris-Casper, Wyoming, Robert Thomas Pillsen-Rahier-Colorado Springs and April Wiss-Wichita


    Saturday Oct 22 from 10-12PM CST or 8-10 PST

    Web Cast to highlight Gina and Midwest Missing. Tune in early to watch this interactive event! www.Kulakswoodshed.com

    In Concert: Jannel Rap and the C Street Band, The Squirts and other Midwest Artists

    NASCAR NOV 10, 2005

    in honor of GINA Bos' Nov 4, 1959 Birthday! A larger than life image of Gina Bos on the hood of the Napa Auto Parts Chevy Monte Carlo in the NASCAR Elite Division Southwest Series #94. in front of a crowd of nearly 60,000 people.

    ABOUT“G.I.N.A. (Greater Information Now Available) for Missing Persons: Over 100 GINA Concerts have been held from LA to NYC and most recently have evolved to a monthly LIVE WEBCAST. These concerts feature artists and the missing from their area of the country each month.

    100’s of missing children and adults have been profiled on our Web sites, CD’s, America Lost and FOUND, Warrior’s for the Missing the GINA Concerts. Some of the missing have been brought home to their families.

    For More Info: www.411Gina.org
    Last edited by Kelly; 10-16-2005 at 01:12 AM.

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    Bumping for Gina.

    I used to live in Lincoln and my ex was an aspiring musician. I went to lots of open mike nights at Duggans to watch him around the time Gina dissapeared and her case has always stuck with me.

    It just amazes me that no one saw anything. Lincoln is a college town and so there's plenty of people out and about downtown after the bars close even on a non weekend night.

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    I have lived in Lincoln all my life and remember this case well. Amazing how she just vanished. I go to Duggans for lunch sometimes to this day, however, not at night when they have live entertainment, like the night Regina vanished. I can't imagine what happened to her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beakiebean
    Bumping for Gina.

    I used to live in Lincoln and my ex was an aspiring musician. I went to lots of open mike nights at Duggans to watch him around the time Gina dissapeared and her case has always stuck with me.

    It just amazes me that no one saw anything. Lincoln is a college town and so there's plenty of people out and about downtown after the bars close even on a non weekend night.
    This reminds me of the Veronica Safranski disappearance. Voni Safranski of Argyle, MN was left a bar in Warren MN on Oct.26,1996 and simply vanished.

    I wonder how often this happens...

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    I would think that there would be such a short window of time that someone could have abducted her-especially with the bars closing there's so many people on the street.

    It would be my guess that someone shoved her into a car and took off-I just can't imagine any other way to do it without someone spotting you.

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    The sister of Gina Bos, Jannel Rap, was recently interviewed for the Missing People Podcast, a Project Jason partner. In the interview, Jannel tells the story of her missing sister and how she started her organization, Gina for Missing Persons. You'll also hear some of her beautiful and moving music that was inspired by Gina's disappearance.

    You may listen to the three part interview at this link: http://www.lumospub.com/interviews.html

    Thank you for caring about the missing.

    Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
    President and Founder,
    Project Jason
    Read our Voice for the Missing Blog

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    A Project Jason Press Release


    For further information contact:
    Kelly Jolkowski



    Omaha Area Families of the Missing Gather to Remember Their Loved Ones

    Omaha, NE, - June 13th, 2007- June 13th, 2007, marks the six year anniversary of the disappearance of then 19 year-old Jason Jolkowski from his home in Omaha, NE. To bring awareness for area missing persons cases and garner community support for the families of the missing, Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey is declaring June 13th as Omaha Missing Persons' Day. Project Jason, founded by the family of Jason Jolkowski, is sponsoring an event to commemorate this day. It will be held at Omaha's Memorial Park at 56th and Underwood Ave from 6:30-8:30pm. The public is invited to attend.

    This event will also serve to honor four other families of missing persons from the area. They, along with the parents of Jason Jolkowski, will share their stories.

    In addition, the Cue Center, a nonprofit organization from North Carolina led by founder Monica Caison, which provides assistance for families of the missing, has included Omaha and this event as a stop on their national tour to bring awareness for numerous missing person's cases. The 4th annual "On the Road to Remember Tour" begins on June 11th and concludes on June 21st, covering 2,400 miles, 22 stops in 11 states, and 75 missing person cases.

    This moving ceremony will begin with a march led by the Air Force Color Guard with bagpipe accompaniment. The Mayor's office will then present the Omaha Missing Persons' Day proclamation to Kelly Jolkowski, President and Founder of Project Jason, and to Monica Caison, Founder of the Cue Center.

    The event will also include music and prayer, and will culminate with a symbolic white dove release by each represented family.

    Featured Missing Persons' Cases:

    Jason Jolkowski disappeared from the driveway of his home in Omaha, NE on Wednesday, June 13th, 2001. He was then 19 years of age. He was preparing to go to work at his part-time job, and was last seen doing his weekly chores outside.

    Erin Pospisil was just 15 years old on June 3rd, 2001, when she left her home in Cedar Rapids, IA to go visit a friend. Her friend was not home, and when a car pulled up, Erin went over and spoke with the occupants. She entered that vehicle and was never seen again.

    Singer-songwriter Gina Bos disappeared on October 17, 2000 after performing at a pub in Lincoln, NE. The next morning, her vehicle was found across the street from the pub with the trunk ajar and her guitar inside.

    Nearly 42 years ago, 18 year-old Jackie Rains-Kracman left her home in Columbus, NE, telling her family she was going to a wedding with a friend in Glenwood, IA. The friend returned home, but Jackie didn't.

    University of Missouri sophomore Jesse Ross vanished on November 21, 2006, after attending a model United Nations conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago, IL. After a dance, Jesse was seen heading towards his hotel room, which was a ten minute walk from the Sheraton. Jesse never made it back.

    About Project Jason:

    Project Jason, located in Omaha, NE was founded in 2003 by the parents of missing young adult Jason Jolkowski. “Our mission as a non profit organization is to create and increase public awareness of missing people through a variety of outreach and educational activities. Project Jason seeks to bring hope and assistance to families of the missing by providing resources and support.” Project Jason serves families of the missing nationwide and has been instrumental in the recent passage of missing persons' legislation in several states through their Campaign for the Missing program. To learn more about Project Jason, please see http://www.projectjason.org, or contact Kelly Jolkowski at 402-932-0095 or kelly.jolkowski@projectjason.org

    About Cue Center:

    Founded in 1994, the Cue Center, (Community United Effort) based in Wilmington, N.C., provides support, services and search efforts to families of the missing. For full On the Road to Remember tour dates and locations, as well as a complete listing of cases featured on the tour, e-mail cuecenter@aol.com or call Monica Caison at (910) 343-1131 or the 24 Hour Line at (910) 232-1687.For more information, please see http://ncmissingpersons.org/


    Important Note: If it is raining, or rain is threatening, the event will be held at Holy Name Church at 2901 N Fontenelle Blvd. (As of this writing, the chance of rain is very high, so it is imperative that the rain location be communicated.)

    If the event takes place at Memorial Park, attendees need to bring their own chairs

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    It's really great that this band is doing this

    Garretson concert to raise money for families of missing persons
    By Staff Reports
    Argus Leader
    Published: June 12, 2007
    The band Clementine will perform in concert June 23 as part of Jesse James Days activities in Garretson and raise money for an organization that helps families with missing loved ones.

    The show is set for 8 p.m. Tickets are $8 at the door and $7 in advance at Jesse James and Alliance Communication.

    Seven years ago, Jannel Rap and her sister, Tammy Smith, who lives in Garretson, lost their sister Gina Bos, who disappeared from Lincoln Neb., on Oct. 17, 2000.

    According to Rap, Gina left a bar in Lincoln, Neb., where she was playing guitar. Gina’s car was found with the guitar inside, but there was no Gina. The families’ desperate search for Gina hit a dead end, so Rap created ‘GINA for Missing Person,’ a non-profit group that utilizes entertainment to gain attention for missing people.

    “I’m excited that they are playing for a worthy cause,” said Garretson resident Tammy Smith. “Not all of the band members knew Gina personally, but they are willing to give their time to help all families who are missing loved ones.”

    Kris Frerk, a member of the Garretson Commercial Club that helped organize the event, said this is a huge opportunity for Garretson. “It is so neat to have a relationship with a band that does national tours and we are going to have the opportunity to hear them live here in Garretson,” said Frerk.


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    the 51st state

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    sipping coffee at the Purple Rose Theatre
    It’s been 12 years since Gina Bos slung her guitar over her shoulder and disappeared.

    Her big sister will be back in Lincoln on the anniversary of that day -- Wednesday -- with her own guitar, to sing about Gina and the plight of missing people.

    Gina Bos was 40 when she left Duggan’s Pub at the end of open mic night and put her guitar in her trunk. The car was still there the next morning, but the mother of three was never found.

    There’s nothing new in her sister’s case, Jannel Rap said Tuesday.

    “They’ve (detectives) looked at the paperwork over and over and over, and they’re not finding anything.”

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    Sgt. Sorensen thinks somebody Gina knew took her and killed her. He thinks he knows who that person is.

    "He knows that I know. But, he also knows that I don't have enough to arrest him yet," Sgt. Sorensen said. "But, if I find a body, maybe I do. Maybe that's the only thing I'm lacking at this point."

    While he looks for what could close his case, Gina's family looks for answers. And, they're not looking just for themselves. It's her sister's mission to bring missing persons home to their families. It's a goal brought by chance, not by choice, when Gina disappeared.
    Its past time for Gina to come home.
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


    ~*Cancel my subscription, I'm THROUGH with your issues*~

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