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    Black Haired Girl with double ponytails


    I'm thinking that the girl in Alcala's picture # 2 could be Sherry Elizabeth Roach missing from California since 1976.

    Here's the link to her page:

    The teeth look to me quite similar and so do the mouth and nose. Sherry wears glasses on her picture so I can't be sure about the eyes and eyebrows but it seems to me that on the age-progressed picture her eyebrows look similar to the girl's in picture # 2.

    What do you think?

    PS: Please excuse me if there's already a thread about this picture/this young girl. I'm new to this website and still discovering how everything works
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    Could be.

    They do resemble even to the slight dimple in the chin.
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    I just noticed the pictures aren't in the same order depending on the website. Sorry... I was referring to picture # 2 on

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    RA was incarcerated from October 16, 1974 until June 1977, so the dates won't fit.

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    Also, this girl has been identified by law enforcement.

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    Oh thank you for this info. I'm glad the girl in the picture has been identified and is alive

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