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    FL - Brian Puckett, 34, killed in axe attack, Ensley, 19 May 2010

    Ensley, Florida -- The five-year relationship between Constance Smith and Brian Puckett was saddled with drunken spats, violent clashes and verbal abuse.

    But on Wednesday, it was Smith's 28-year-old son who was arrested on an open count of murder after telling Escambia County sheriff's investigators he killed Puckett with three solid swings of an axe.

    "I enjoyed it, I loved every friggin' swing," Nathan Smith told officers after his arrest in the death that occurred in the home that he, his mother and her boyfriend shared on Hollowbrook Circle in Ensley.
    more at link:


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    Oh my. I'm not saying it was right for the son to murder the boyfriend, but I can see how that happened. I can totally see my own sweet son taking matters into his own hands if I were being abused. Thankfully, I'm not in an endless cycle of domestic violence.

    I guess even grown children can be severely affected by this kind of abuse in the home.

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    well, at least he's honest

    28 year old son
    34 year old boyfriend
    45 year old mother

    all drunk & living together ... a recipe for disaster

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyL View Post
    well, at least he's honest

    28 year old son
    34 year old boyfriend
    45 year old mother

    all drunk & living together ... a recipe for disaster
    Right? Now the guy is dead. The young man is doing life. Mom? I can't imagine living knowing my kid was doing time for whacking my abusive boyfriend.

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