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    Security at the Anthony home in east Orange County has intensified

    ORLANDO --

    Security at the Anthony home in east Orange County has intensified as the jury deliberates, and one step closer to a verdict.

    Security has also been beefed up at the makeshift memorial for Caylee Anthony. At least five squad cars were spotted patrolling the area.

    That makeshift memorial in the wooded area where Caylee's remains were found has grown since Sunday. There's even a placard, or sign from the state of New Jersey, as well as stuffed animals.


    Maybe it won't be as bad as they think if the jury returns with a guilty verdict.

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    Thanks for this loewens. In the event of a guilty verdict, my hope is that the potential protests do not turn into a "celebration." IMO only, either would be disrespectful of Caylee's memory (though I guess I could understand either reaction). KWIM?
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    I was just thinking about the Peterson case. Remember when the verdict came back?

    Outside the courthouse, it was pandemonium — roars went up from the crowd of about 1,000 with each verdict. In Modesto, drivers honked their horns and others shouted with satisfaction when the news broke on television. Well-wishers descended on Laci's home, leaving notes and flowers.

    I live in San Diego, not far from the Peterson's (Jackie & Lee) and it was crazy here as well. Media outlets scrambling to the "GUILTY" headline out, etc. Radio stations blowing up - people talking non-stop. It never helped that Peterson was arrested here either (at the golf course).

    I can only imagine what it's going to be like in Florida. I don't condone what C&G did in or outside of this case - but they are not on trial. I hope people leave them alone.

    And I do believe that any verdict of guilty will result in a celebration - unfortunately. If it's not-guilty, the public will be so angry...and that scares me. But I don't take that thought very far, as I believe she will be found guilty and receive LWOP.

    MOO - please and thanks.


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