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    Hopefully every red cent ICA makes goes right to IRS and then into Zanny's pocket

    Zanny getting her financial reward is the only thing that makes me even an ounce happy. Sad thing is I'm sure she would raher justice for Caylee as well.

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    I hope the IRS is waiting at her front door with a warrant for evasion. She never filed, correct?
    Hoping the jury awards Zenaida millions and she dogs KC like Fred Goldman. Up until not even a month ago, KC was still refusing to give in on the civil case, she deserves everything John Morgan has coming to her.

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    Jun 2011
    I hope the father of Caylee comes forward and pursues a civil trial, and takes every cent Casey Anthony makes.

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    Maybe TES can get some of their wasted money back so they can go search for children that actually are missing.
    "If it doesn't make sense, it's probably not true" ~ Judge Judy
    "Unleash the lawyers" ~ Nancy Grace

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    I agree hope they are able to get her for every cent.

    Also the police should be able to prosecute her on making false claims and wasting police time and resources in relation to the fake kidnapping. You can do that in Australia and the police are often successful in this prosecution. Is this able to be done in Florida? That would at least stop her profiting.

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    I hope that anyone and everyone who has any reason whatsoever to sue her comes forward and does it!! I pray Zenaida Gonzalez gets a $25,000,000.00 verdict!

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