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    Do you think State will now go after CA?

    I wonder as she impeded their investigation and lied on the stand and ICA got off if this will make them go forward. I was okay with them proceeding even before this verdict.

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    I think it's unlikely. Bill Schaefer at WFTV doesn't think it's likely.

    If they do, now that they lost, it could be seen as retribution for losing the case (even though I do believe that she committed perjury).

    I very much doubt her perjury had anything to do with whatever reasonable doubt the jury found. That was pretty much proven to be a lie in their rebuttal. So I think the DA's office will just want to get on with doing what they do, with the cases still on their docket.
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    I think CA will go after the state!

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    Since Casey said Caylee drowned in the pool on June 16th...( and George knew cause Casey said so)...will they be responsible for paying the state of Florida back and all the searchers?

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