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    Anthony Family Statement

    The Anthony released a statement through Mark Lippman:


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    More blah, blah, blah...
    I didn't think they would say, "Wow, we're such good liars!"

    But thanks for posting this. It helped me puke, which I've been needing to do all afternoon.

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    personally they look disappointed in this picture and their statement alludes to the same. I think they did want justice for caylee and their daughter in jail to pay for it. They just didn't want her to be executed.

    that said. I am going to crawl back under the covers because I am so numb from the lack of justice in the justice system. Its disgusting and I am glad these jurors will be hounded for the rest of their lives for the biggest mistake they have ever made.

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    I think they're freaked. I think GA, especially, is freaked. Casey threw him under the bus, totally and completely, and I wonder if they're now scared of Casey.

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