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    MO - Leland Beasley for sex abuse, child porn, St Louis, 2007

    I guess we didn't know about Mr. Gamestation. That's a whopper of a sentence. The feds in the Eastern district of Missouri sure aren't fooling around. Thank you Ms. Beasley!!!!


    St. Louis video store owner gets 290 years for molesting, taping children

    "The owner of a video game shop in Lemay was sentenced Tuesday to 290 years in federal prison for molesting and videotaping children during trips and "lock-ins" at his store. "You took advantage of the vulnerability of a lot of children," U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson told Leland Beasley Tuesday morning. "You pursued these children insidiously and relentlessly."

    Jackson also called Beasley out for lying during his trial in April when he claimed he did not appear on the videos, "even though everyone in this courtroom saw your face." The jury found Beasley, 43, guilty of eight counts of production of child pornography, two counts of attempted production of child pornography and two counts of possession of child pornography in April...."


    "...Beasley owned Gamestation Section 19, a video game shop on Lemay Ferry Road, and would host 12-hour lock-ins at the store where children paid to play video games all night. After the children had fallen asleep, prosecutors say Beasley touched them through or under the clothes and took pictures or videos of their genitals or of himself fondling them. He also took at least one victim on a vacation with him and videotaped himself with the boy, prosecutors say. Beasley's wife turned over computer discs containing additional images and videos containing child porn...."

    more at link

    And an earlier story:


    St. Louis Computer Business Owner Charged As Child Molester
    January 9, 2009



    Game shop owner indicted in child sex case

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    Just not a nice guy. Besides the game store, he's listed as owner of Bergs LLC:


    "Back in 2006 LM Beasley ran a huge scam reality show audition around the country. He called this thing Sabotage under the Bergs LLC company. He would then send a package to a person saying who went to the oipen casting call saying that they are in the top 50 and they could have a chance at winning 10 million dollars. He would charge the would be contestants around $1500 to stay at the Hyatt at Union Station in St. Louis. He would then put the contestants through these puzzles that you could buy at Kmart. This clown should be going to prison for this scam also...."

    Note: All the comments were written after the arrest. I checked the dates.

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    Initially, a number of parents didn't believe it. But an arcade style game shop with locked-in slumber parties? That's about as creepy as it gets.

    One 12 year old boy's disclosure to his mother exposed this monster's actions. That young man is a hero as he saved many children from his same fate.

    From an earlier article, not long after the arrest:


    Game store owner charged with child molestation

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    Disgusting!! He got what he deserved.

    And um, co-ed (I'm assuming) pre-teen sleepovers -- at an arcade?? With no parents around??? Really, this sent up red flags for no one?!? Trying not to toss blame around here, but WOW!

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    I haven't seen anything about co-ed sleepovers. I've only read of male victims. One less thing for parents to worry about, huh? No girls, so how could the boys possibly get in trouble? IMO, the pedophiles spend just as much, if not more, time grooming the parents. My heart goes out to those parents as I know how much guilt they are experiencing.

    I keep wondering if Beasley shared the film with anyone but I haven't seen it mentioned. Being that the first little boy to come forward only disclosed what I would call fondling over clothes (which is horrid enough), they must have gone on to hear from victims who endured much much worse....given the sentence.

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