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    Sep 2010

    Who needs a Holiday?

    After 3 painstaking years, lets get serious and consider a little POW WO
    (forgive me in, OZ we call it a tent) Anyway...lets move on
    So we ready to party

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    Jun 2011
    I live in the UK..but Iam off to Orlando..disney..of all places next week....I could be rubbing shoulders with casey on big thunder mountain

    But then she will probably spend her days nursing hangovers after all the partying down fusion!...How about another hot body contest/...she is probably plucking her eye brows and doing stomach crunches as we speak!

    Honestly..i feel drained..and so so sad. I don't feel like going to orlando...i need to try and snap out of it..but the injustice is killing me.
    I guess she is getting the beautiful life after all.

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    Sep 2009
    Southern CA
    I am totally devoid of any brain cells at all right now... but an Alaskan cruise is beckoning me.. and I can't resist.... if we can afford it.

    My hubby is one of the thousands of hubbys who were drawn into this case...via US lady WS's! LOL

    He was at work when he heard the verdict, and he was just as pissed as I was! In fact the whole NASA site, where he works was taken aback!!!

    You know what folks? I think the whole WORLD was taken aback, and NOT in a good way.

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