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    Exclamation Please pay attention to this post! OPENING NEW THREADS!
    PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS POST and thank it after reading it.

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    We have so many new threads, the mods can not keep up and some threads are not needed.

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    Far more teens commit impulsive suicide without chronic depression
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrsadkins9399 View Post
    Of course she'll have another child-there will men falling at her feet
    I'm sure they will be of the highest quality too!!!! Wonder if she still wants Tony's number???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullwinkle View Post
    [I]In one letter she refers to a book she has dreams of writing, describing it as a "partial memoir/comedy/relationship advice book for those not in the know."
    Just what everyone needs RELATIONSHIP ADVICE from ICA! And what would that be??? Make 'friends', steal their $$$, lie about them and try to frame them for murder.

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    KC won't get pregnant. KC, CA and GA will get pregnant and they will have "our" child. We see how well that worked the first time.

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    I think her book will be What Happened to Caylee ( Sixteen Versions).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleuthyMama View Post
    katy-i see that you've posted this thought about her getting pregnant in a few threads. I couldn't agree with you more. This was literally the first thought that came into my head as I started to digest the verdict.
    It was my first thought too. One of the main reasons I wanted her to get 30 yrs at a minimum is because I did not want her to get pregnant again. I really believe that it is one of her first 'projects' when she walks out. It will be a huge Eff You to the public and it will literally torture her family as well.

    However this time she will have lots of cash from her film deals, so she will have a nanny. But she will parade that new child all over the place and gat as much publicity as possible, 'cuddling' and being the 'perfect mommy.' Ugh
    ďEvery day that they donít find something is good for me.ď Billie Dunn

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    My first thought wasn't if she'd get pregnant again, it was how long it would take her.

    As for her book, If I Did It, (Too) would make it a best seller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olive View Post
    I think we should create a petition called "Caylee's Law" that prevents mothers who don't report their children missing from getting pregnant again- forced sterilization. Just my two cents.
    [ame=""]Compulsory sterilization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/Fileisclogo1.svg" class="image"><img alt="" src=""@@AMEPARAM@@commons/thumb/f/ff/Disclogo1.svg/18px-Disclogo1.svg.png[/ame]

    "Part of a series of articles on Discrimination"

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    She should be sterilized ...
    JMSSO = Just My Super Secret Opinion

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    if you all know casey is a liar, why would you believe her when she says that is what she is going to do? you should know better.

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    ADOPT? As if. She really doesn't get what people know/think of her. No one would willing put a child in her arms.

    Getting pregnant right away, yes, that is going to happen.

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    "It's a way to settle many rumors and to share my insight about love, life and most important - God," she wrote. "Who knows."

    Her insight about love, life and God? Now that is funny.
    She doesn't have a clue as to what love is ...she has also proven she doesn't have a clue as to what the sacredness of life means either...
    Perhaps, she meant her insight concerning what LUST and EVIL are.....
    In reference to God, I suspect her concept of God is nothing more than an errand boy to satisify her wandering desires.. JMHO...
    "It's been clear from day one that the contradicting statements from the family members are not the truth," said Capt. Johnny Greenwood, spokesman for the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.


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    Quote Originally Posted by askfornina View Post
    if you all know casey is a liar, why would you believe her when she says that is what she is going to do? you should know better.
    Isn't that the truth! Ha!

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    I hope she gets professional help, admits her wrongs, makes amends as best as a human can and then works every bit of help that she gets from the professional/s and gets well. I hope she lets herself learn how to feel and love and allows herself to be loved in return. I hope she gets her GED, gets a real job and goes to school. I hope she can learn how to live an honest life and that she goes on to prove her mother and society wrong.

    I hope her parents seek out help as well. This is a very sick "family" and they will only continue to rot inside unless they admit there are deep seeded issues that only they created and only they can set themselves free of. But every member of this "family" is worth saving. None of them deserve what they are going through.

    Hate me all you want :P

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    I don't think she'll have anymore kids.
    My posts are IMO, MOO ...Unless I have a link to back it up.

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