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    Quote Originally Posted by logicalgirl View Post
    I need to point out that with my comments - you don't (not you zippy but in general) don't see me posting blah blah therefore try to be understanding, don't blame her or both of them and I'm not saying we should give their behavior a free pass AT ALL!

    Yes, all of those things! Although I do think GA knew or suspected from the first (I mean he couldn't "know" could he - but strongly suspected) but CA had been hearing that Caylee was here and there and we know how FCA lies and fills in all kinds of details - that I think she "knew" someone was dead, but her mind wouldn't let her go there to it being Caylee.

    Cindy is someone I absolutely despise - I can barely stand to look at her or listen to her - and reviewing her old videos makes me physically ill. And I have no trouble despising her even from the position I take that is a bit off centre from some of the other posters.
    IIRC--when GA & CA both looked in the backyard for a potential body after smelling that car....that says volumes.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by carmskarma View Post
    I hope he is able to do this. I do wonder, though, since it was Cindy who asked him to come, if he can hold them responsible. She still claims not to have known Caylee wasn't missing back then.
    I also wonder if this is some loop-hole she'll be able to wriggle her murderous, selfish butt through-it seems to me like she's just gonna get off so
    easy on everything-as if she has some sort of black magic or something working for her. She just gets off TOO dang EASY!!!

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