Police arrested 22 people after the fireworks in Philadelphia. They also "reported" two stabbings.

A stampede had started after someone yelled "gun". There's a YouTube video out there online showing a little bit of the horror people faced as a wall of people tried to flee. My DD was there like in the thick of all this and said babies in coaches were getting knocked out of them as well as people were falling and getting trampled. Anyone trying to help someone up got pushed down and trampled as well.

Two stabbings at the busiest El station at 15th prompted police to halt the El at 30th street so they could find the suspects. Ummmm, they didn't, BUT that in turn stuck hundreds of people together in a confined space making it even worse.

DD said her BF shoved her into a turnstile that was going the oppostie way so she didn't get trampeled. She said she saw four women just wailing on eachother, and a baby get pushed out of a woman's arms.