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    MI - John Mester arrested for repeat bestiality with a horse

    I do believe that Michigan has tightened up their laws on bestiality. Good!!


    Man taped having sex with horse, police say
    July 8, 2011

    "CH suspected the man she and others saw on her horse pasture was doing more than feeding the horses. Some of her customers - CH runs a boarding stable in Riley Township - had seen the man feeding them oats and corn from a bucket...."


    "...she bought a long-range video surveillance camera and set it up so it overlooked a section of the 15-acre pasture. In mid-June, she said, it captured images that were shocking, disturbing, pornographic. The man placed an overturned bucket behind one of the horses, a thoroughbred mare, stood on the bucket, flipped up a sheet covering the horse, and appeared to have sexual intercourse with the animal....'


    "...Clinton County prosecutors have charged 62-year-old John Robert Mester with one count of bestiality, a 15-year felony, as well as one count of aggravated indecent exposure...."


    "...Mester, who is Heistand's neighbor, was accused of a similar crime 10 years ago in Olive Township, court records show. In 2001, Mester was accused of having sexual intercourse with a pony. He pleaded no contest to attempted animal torture, records show, and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a year of probation...."

    More at link

    I wish this was a rare occurrence. I wish. We, here on WS, deal with this all the time. There's a circuit of zoophiles (with groups, meet-ups, forums and T-shirts) who are very active. As we've discussed on other threads, they know to be cautious. Tragically, they are often intertwined with the child pornography traders.

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    At the above link, it mentions that Mr. Mester is married. Why is that pertinent?

    I don't find a FB for him but there's a number of Mesters in that area. His address is in Dewitt. Oh, how humiliating this must be for family.

    He's got his own piece of property--13 acres. I have to wonder just how long this has been going on and if he's hurt some of his own animals.

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