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    TX - Waco RSO arrested; fondled 8-year-old at H.E.B., police say

    Waco man arrested after fondling 8-year-old in H.E.B. parking lot (kwkt.com)

    Glen Edward Pilley is a registered sex offender with the Texas Department of Public Safety.
    The witness saw Pilley following a grandmother and a small child, and saw Pilley inappropriately touch the little girl two separate times while the grandmother was not looking.

    Pilley walked away and the witness told the grandmother what they had seen.. The grandmother was unaware of what had occurred and did not know Pilley.
    more, with creepy-looking mug shot, at link above (H.E.B. is a supermarket chain, btw)

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    Wow, these pedos are getting braver each time! Reason enough to keep our children within eyes view at all times! JMO

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    So he was already a sex offender. Goes to prove these people can not be fixed! They need to be locked up before they hurt anymore children!

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