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    Prostituted child leaves 'game' for good


    She was 11 the first time it happened.

    Her sister had left her at an ice-skating rink in a fit of teenage drama. When Bea finally made it home, the doors were locked. Her parents ignored her pleas to be let in. She had missed curfew -- those were the rules.

    As temperatures dropped, the child started to wander toward downtown Atlanta alone.

    A car pulled up beside her. Did she need a place to stay? She nodded and climbed in. Minutes later they arrived at a motel.

    "I didn't think I'd have to have sex with him. I just thought that this was a nice person doing a nice deed," Bea remembers. "My grandmother used to have a saying: 'There's nothing open at 12 in the morning but legs and liquor stores.' I realized this was true."

    The next morning the stranger -- a man whose face she can't remember -- gave her $30 and walked out. When she arrived home, all of her childhood possessions were in a garbage bag on the front porch.

    It would be 12 years before she would feel worthy of love.

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    I wish her every success in the world.
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    Very interesting article. I wonder how the rest of us can make a difference?

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    so sad that these things are going on all the time. Very compelling to hear about someone able to pull themselves out of that situation.
    Just my opinions (and I have been wrong before)!


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    I can not imagine treating my daughter like this.

    I too hope her all the best in life.
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