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    If someone else drowned this child, why would that person then go hide her in her mother's home?

    JMO things just dont sound right.

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    03/28/2012 01:30 PM (CDT)

    Pretrial hearing

    She also has another court date in June on another case in another county. Don't know what that is for.

    It appears that Mary's mother and that one sister are supporting her. (Z family.)
    In November they said that the cause of death had been changed... the state won't release discovery even though the motion was filed...
    I think what they mean on the cause of death is that initially there was talk about her being beaten, then they said she drowned. It can be both.

    It appears that the rest of her family and Lexi's paternal family (J family) is not endorsing their support of the defendant.

    Mary's other children have not been seeing anyone supporting her. Mary's mother has not been allowed to see them.
    Which although sad... I think we agree from other cases is a good thing... don't need them influenced since they did witness this crime.

    The rest of the family are supporting LEXI and don't understand why there is anyone not doing the same.
    Though I'm certainly curious to see the evidence that will exonerate Mary... It's refreshing to see a family defend the victim for now.

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    That other court date in another county has also been postponed... July 30, 2012.

    The murder case has another court date August 9, 2012 for a pre trial hearing.

    Terry M. Green stood with his client Mary R. Zumwalt Jophlin in Franklin County court Thursday afternoon and asked for another pre-trial conference date for the defendant.

    Green, appointed to represent Jophlin, said he had received continuing discovery from the state and would be getting a motion to file for another pre-trial conference date within 60 days.


    Jophlin is due back in court at 1:30 p.m. on Aug. 9.

    There is another article too but I can't get it to load.

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    Green is her new attorney, and was appointed in April to represent her after two public defenders withdrew due to unspecified "conflicts".

    It sounds like this could take awhile to come to trial.

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    There is a new court appearance date set for August 9, 2012. Won't be surprised to hear of more delays. I believe that this woman has no business being allowed near any child for the rest of her life. Too bad these children weren't removed from her before poor helpless little Alexus was beat black and blue and then some.

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    BEST case scenario this mother covered up an accidental death or a murder committed by someone else... of her OWN daughter.

    Worst case, as the child witnesses stated... she brutally murdered her OWN child in front of the other children.

    But the goal is to reunite her with her surviving daughter in the next 12 months?
    Her lack of progress is "not her fault" because she is incarcerated?
    She is incarcerated for either covering up the death of or (more likely) murdering her older daughter!

    What do you have to do to simply LOSE a child forever? I understand people's anger now about visitation now...

    I'm so sorry Alexus...

    Judge Tom Tedeschi said a daughter of Mary R. Zumwalt Jophlin should remain with her legal father for up to 12 months after hearing testimony in the permanency hearing case on Thursday.


    Rogers said everything is going well in the Pana household adding Mary Jophlin would participate in the plan by completing a mental health examination and parenting classes.
    She said Jophlin had not been able to make progress due to her incarceration in the Franklin County Jail.

    Rogers said she is monitoring Paul Jophlin and the child adding Paul is providing transportation to and from school.

    She said Addus transports and supervises the visits to the county jail ever other week to allow the child to visit with her mother.


    State's attorney Evan Owens said the goal is to reunite mother and child within 12 months.
    He said the mother has not made reasonable progress adding it is not her fault due to her incarceration.


    Another permanency hearing has been set for Jan. 10 at 1:30 p.m.

    Mary R. Zumwalt Jophlin, 28, of West Frankfort listened in Franklin County court Thursday afternoon as motions were granted, allowing her attorney Terry M. Green additional time and an expert to be called.


    On Thursday, Green said he had provided written discovery videos and a media file to his client after coordinating that with the jail superintendent adding he wanted to keep some of the information out of the record.


    Tedeschi said the information could only be opened by the court, state's attorney and Green. He said it would be sealed by the clerk and only opened with permission from the court.

    The judge said he had received information from the Illinois State Police and would provide copies to Owens and Green.


    A pre-trial status hearing was set for Sept. 14 at 1:30 p.m.

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    Terry Green reports that he has been making progress but is still working on some matters as he continues his defense of Mary R. Zumwalt Jophlin, accused of murder in the death of her child.

    During her Dec. 19 pre-trial conference date, Franklin County Second Judicial Circuit Court judge Tom Tedeschi said the court date was set to "see where we are on defense experts."

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    Resident circuit court judge Tom Tedeschi said the motions were filed on April 12, including one to suppress statements from the defendant and a motion in limine, requesting the judge to exclude specific testimony.


    Tedeschi said he wants to hear arguments on the motion to suppress first as he set court dates of June 28 through July 1. He said additional dates would be set if necessary for hearings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonya421 View Post
    She wants her statements thrown out
    I'd rather throw her a swamp

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    When Tharp told her the man she accused was in jail at the time of the girl’s death, Zumwalt-Jophlin then said the killer was another man she knew. The second man, Tharp told her, was in rehab at the time.

    Zumwalt-Jophlin then quietly asked if Smothers had a mark on her forehead.

    “She fell, in the bathtub. She didn’t drown. I pulled her out and she was gasping for air. I panicked. I didn’t do anything to her but I didn’t call 911,” she said.

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    If the Childrens Services REUNITE this socalled mother with her children I will SCREAAAAMMMMM. I am so sick of the negligence they portray.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    The sister you refer to you should not feel sorry for. She just had her 5th child and all 5 are in the custody of dcsf. She is also the first person Mary blamed in her video confessions! The things that were said in that interview they would have no way of knowing. They made some of it up for the attention. Trust me...I know this! This is still very hard for my family because people so easily judge when they don't know the truth. I will say my family fought and tried to get all her kids taken away but was not successful. We have to live with it everyday! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Just please refrain from judging unless you know the truth. Thank u for supporting Lexi!!

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    We will always defend Lexi. Thank you for your support! Any questions just ask

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberlyd125 View Post
    You are 100% correct!

    No way this was spanking gone wrong.

    This was horrific abuse that led to death!

    I also agree with tlcox. This woman is a monster.
    IMO this case has absolutely nothing to do with spanking.

    Nosy by Nature and a Websleuther by choice

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