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    NY - A Revenge Plot So Intricate, the Prosecutors Were Pawns

    Soon after Seemona Sumasar started dating Jerry Ramrattan, she had an inkling that something might be wrong.

    He said he was a police detective, but never seemed to go to work. He seemed obsessed with “C.S.I.,” “Law & Order” and other television police dramas.

    About a year after he moved into her house in Queens, their relationship soured. One day, he cornered her, taped her mouth and raped her, she said. Mr. Ramrattan was arrested.

    But he soon took his revenge, the authorities said. Drawing on his knowledge of police procedure, gleaned from his time as an informer for law enforcement, he accomplished what prosecutors in New York called one of the most elaborate framing plots that they had ever seen.

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    wow....just wow!

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    Wow! Is right! Oh my gosh! That poor woman.....and her daughter

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    I remeber reading about her a while back. I am so glad that it has finally been discovered what he was doing to her. I hope she can start over with her daughter. This is really sad what some will do to get back at someone.
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    All because she broke up with him and had him sent to jail for HIS CRIME. Talk about arrogant and obsessive. I've known types like this and they never change. He's probably scheming his next revenge plot from inside Rikers, the creep.

    So glad this unraveled and she is free. I know they can't release someone just because they deny the charges - every prison in America would empty out like a vat spout was opened! - but I feel awful for her and hope she can rebuild her life.

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