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View Poll Results: Did Darin Routier help in anyway with the murder of his son's?

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  • Darin helped Darlie murder the boys

    27 10.71%
  • Darin helped Darlie cover up the murder of their boys

    121 48.02%
  • Darin took the sock and placed it in the Alley

    15 5.95%
  • Darin was innocent and had nothing to do with his son's deaths

    89 35.32%

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    I considered the sock a way of getting investigators to think, "the killer went that-a-way!" Not necessarily to implicate the neighbor in that specific house, but to lead investigators away from the Routier house in general, to send them on their way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zzzz View Post
    No she sure didn't - which is why she invited the press to the cemetery and put on a show for them. Her original schtick was that it was an attempted rape and the intruder killed the boys to get them out of the way as potential witnesses. She told the police her neighbor watched her sunbathing. She wrote to her relatives and named the neighbor as the probable culprit. Darin's lame comment to the police about her big breasts was to indicate that of course someone would want to rape her (!).

    At first I thought the sock was meant to go down the storm drain to dispose of evidence, but when I saw a photo of it at the scene I changed my mind. As a man's athletic sock, it is probably 18" long and it is laid out in a full straight line right next to the curb in the neighbor's back yard. It wasn't dropped, it was purposely laid out. It practically screams "look at me."

    Not only was she heartless enough that she could kill her children, but she was also heartless enough to blame it on some poor innocent neighbor.

    In a few jailhouse interviews she did try to throw some suspicion Darin's way, but she can't completely throw him under the bus, because her story all along has been that he didn't do it. And she's already changed her story way too much. Also, Darin would just throw the bus right back at her if she tried it. He probably knows (or at least suspects) more than he's saying.
    that's why I think she took the stand as well. She was used to her family and her friends believing her BS so she thought the jury would just believe her....she did more to convict herself by testifying than the evidence did I think. When you read her cross examination by the state you understand why she was convicted...and they want us to believe she was railroaded by the state. She railroaded herself

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    Just my random thoughts on the bruises, ten years ago when I was young, lazy, and broke, I tried to sell my plasma for extra cash. It paid 30$ for the first time and 60$ the second time if u came in the same week according to the constant ads on tv. I never made it the second time because the attendant who inserted the needle, accidently punctured my vein on the inside numerous times trying to find my vein. She eventually tried the other arm, doing the same thing on a lesser scale. Two days later, her poking had caused my entire left arm to form a solid purple bruise from the inside of my elbow to my armpit. My right arm was also dark purple but only about a quarter of it, not like my left arm. What I think, is that the stab wound on her arm, sliced or punctured a vein, and what we see is not a bruising from a violent struggle.

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    During my first pregnancy, I developed pneumonia. I needed arterial gases analyzed to make sure my baby was getting enough oxygen. They stick a needle in an artery in your arm and draw blood directly from the artery and then measure oxygen levels. I was left with a black bruise from my shoulder to my fingers and it exactly resembled Darlie's bruising. I have often wondered if they performed arterial gases on Darlie to measure her oxygen levels since her throat was cut.

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    Yes, I definitely think Darin was involved too, although I'm not sure to what extent. It's crazy to me, that after 20+ years later, neither one of them has ever accused the other. They always stuck by their story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morganmurderino View Post
    Yes, I definitely think Darin was involved too, although I'm not sure to what extent. It's crazy to me, that after 20+ years later, neither one of them has ever accused the other. They always stuck by their story.
    This has been discussed many times. If Darlie accuses Darin now, she's admitting that she lied for 20 years. Why would she sit on death row to protect him? It makes no sense. On the other side, Darin doesn't need to accuse Darlie. She's already on Death Row and all it does is hurt his son and piss off his relatives who support her.

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    Could Darin be guilty of the crime

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    Quote Originally Posted by cami View Post
    If Darin came downstairs naked, worked on Devon and then run back upstairs to put his pants on why didn't he transfer some blood upstairs or on the stairs?


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