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    13-year-old girl Kira Goddard dies a hero as she saves friends from out-of-control SU

    A 13-year-old Brooklyn girl died a hero after shooing other kids out of the way of an SUV - driven by a mortally wounded ex-con - before it crushed her, police and witnesses said Sunday.

    Kira Goddard shouted a warning moments before the Range Rover crashed in front of her Brownsville home, neighbors said.

    "She saved them all," said Lyn Joseph, 36. "She said, 'Run, run,' to all the other kids, because she saw the car coming. And when she went to move out of the way it was too late."


    God bless and console this young hero's family and may her soul RIP.

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    What an amazing young girl...

    RIP sweet angel
    Just my, no one elses

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    how very sad .. she gets killed by doing a wonderful thing and saving lives .. she was just a baby .. that makes me angry ..rip sweetheart

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    What a heroic young girl!
    RIP, Kira.

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