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    NY - Man photographed nude as a boy wants pics back

    Porn laws foil return of photos

    ALBANY -- When Mark Hogarth was a boy, he posed for hundreds of sexually explicit pictures, many involving other kids, in his house and with the alleged approval of his father. Now, the photos are "in safekeeping" in an undisclosed country where their possession is not a crime.

    But Hogarth wants to bring the pictures to his Albany home without getting into trouble and is suing the state and federal governments for clearance to do so. He claims his constitutional rights are being violated by child pornography laws.

    "The 269 photos are of deep personal importance to me," the 45-year-old Hogarth said in papers filed in federal court in Albany.

    "I also assert that a good number of them have artistic merit," he said in his complaint. "I have become increasingly indignant that I am obligated to travel to a foreign nation to view these personal photos, and that I may not legally possess them here in the state of New York, my home for most of my life since birth."

    Contacted this week, Hogarth declined to discuss the lawsuit.

    "I don't have a lawyer so I really have to keep my mouth shut and not say anything," he said.

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    This man is severely damaged in many ways!!!!!!
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    What about the other children who were photographed with this guy? I'm sure many of them would not want these photos returned.

    What if this guy is not really even in the pictures and this is just his ploy to legally have child pornography sent to him under the guise of something allowed by the court? How could anyone know for sure the pictures are of this guy?


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