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    Australia - Teen has explosive device strapped around neck


    Apparently she got home after school around 2:30 and a man in a balaclava entered her house and attached a bomb to her leaving a ransom note..

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    OMG! Hope LE can defuse it in time!
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    I'm following the story here in Australia.

    Just passed the 9 hour mark. The police have been very, very, VERY tight lipped with this one. The only details they have confirmed are:

    -that the girl cannot walk away from the device (have not confirmed it is attached to her);
    -there are 4 police officers in the room with her (2 bomb specialists and 2 negotiators);
    -there has been no direct contact with the maker of the device; and
    -the girl has not been able to speak with her parents.

    That's all we know for sure. LE refuse to confirm any further details, even whether the device is explosive or not.

    I cannot figure this one out. We are obviously missing huge pieces of the puzzle. Regardless, I hope the girl is OK.

    ETA - the police have also said directly that there are 'operational reasons for us playing the cards very close to our chest
    Last edited by LadyD'enah; 08-03-2011 at 09:31 AM. Reason: ETA - the police have also said directly that there are 'operational reasons for us playing the cards very close to our chest

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    Off to work but wanted to post this and remember it's breaking so awaiting confirmation.
    Times NewsdeskTimes News

    British military helped to free girl in Sydney bomb drama #mosman

    2 minutes ago

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    An Australian schoolgirl who spent more than 10 hours with a bomb strapped to her by a hooded intruder who broke into her house was reunited with her parents tonight after a dramatic rescue.

    Police bomb disposal experts, who had sought advice from British military authorities as they delicately worked to free Madeleine Pulver from the explosive package that had been attached to her, finally freed her from her terrifying ordeal - into the arms of her relieved mother and father.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz1TytksxXz

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    Teen has explosive device strapped around neck


    The Sydney bomb squad has freed an Australian teenage girl who had been strapped to a suspected explosive device, the Associated Press reports.

    Madeleine Pulver, 18, told police "a stranger wearing a balaclava had placed the device around her neck after breaking into her family's multimillion-dollar" home in the Sydney suburb of Mosman, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
    Yikes! Bizzarre story. Hope she fully recovers mentally.


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    Daily Mail:

    Girl, 18, is safe after ten-hour battle to 'remove collar bomb hanging around her neck’
    • Balaclava-clad intruder 'broke in and attached bomb and note to girl'
    • Shaken parents waited outside house before reunion with daughter
    • Family is one of Sydney's wealthiest with mansion in exclusive street
    • Bomb officers investigating other 'items' in house
    • Victim named as 18-year-old Madeleine Pulver
    • Her father is one of Sydney's most wealthy men, William Pulver, CEO of an internet share dealing company
    much more - long article, lots of pictures - at link above

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    Not an active bomb


    Investigators said they had launched a manhunt for a masked intruder who broke in to the Mosman home of 18-year-old Madeleine Pulver, rigging her up to the fake bomb and leaving a ransom note before fleeing the scene.

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    wild ... glad she's ok and hope they catch the creep

    my money is on it being a schoolmate

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    Australia collar bomb: Policy inquiry 'well advanced'
    Australian police hunting for an intruder who strapped a fake bomb to a teenager at her Sydney home say their inquiries are "well advanced".


    Bomb collar girl Madeleine Pulver returns home


    Bizarre details emerge in Australia teen's neck bomb hoax horror


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    Quote Originally Posted by UFO View Post
    well hopefully they have a description of his body, voice or something to go on. I have to admit and this isn't funny but I did laugh when I read the quote that the police are on a manhunt for the hooded intruder. Really, are they searching for someone walking around with a hood on I thought.

    I know bad to find that funny but since the girl is unharmed and I've had a lot of stress today, I guess I have to blow it off somehow.

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    Is it wrong for me to be a bit nonplused by the picture of the 18-year-old I have seen in several news articles? She is a very pretty girl, and yet she is only 18, and as her parent I would not want that particular photo to be featured in the news stories about this traumatic incident.
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    So the note makes no financial demands...whaaaaat?? Why would someone go to so much trouble and expense unless they wanted something? I'll be interested to read it when it's released.

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    Suspect arrested in Kentucky....

    Australia Collar Bomb Hoax: FBI Arrests Man in Kentucky


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    Australian collar-bomb suspect to be arraigned in Kentucky


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