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    TN Man rapes, impregnates, then tries MFH on 10 yr old girl

    Unbelievable. He rapes this little 10 year old girl, impregnates her, tells her he'll kill her if she tells anyone, then tries to hire a hitman for a murder for hire plot against her.

    Knox County rapist admits trying to kill pregnant 10-year-old victim
    published Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

    Davenport admitted Monday that not only did he rape and impregnate the young girl, but he sought to make good on his threat to kill her if exposed, soliciting an undercover Knox County Sheriff's Office detective to kill the girl, her fetus and her family even as he sat behind bars awaiting trial for her rape, Knight said.


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    OMG! Poor little girl!
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    so he'll be released when he's in his 40's correct?

    and he'll be re-offending within days of his release IMO

    and the girl, even though an adult by then, will be terrified that he's coming after her and her family

    and who's to say he won't ... he apparently was serious enough about it while in prison so what's to stop him when he's free

    so sickening

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    Omg, shes only 10 years old. This guy should NEVER be allowed out of prison. He's a permanent threat to society and should be caged for the rest of his life.

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    That is horrible!!

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    She is 10 and going to have a baby
    by a rapist
    She has been emotionally blackmailed and her life threatened
    and he is going to get out of prison at some point ?
    I am speechless
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    They really need to consider hanging these monster by there you know whats until they are dead. Prison time is not punishment enough for ruining this girls life. Imagine the fear of wondering if he will come after her child when they let him out.

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