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    Did Butch Cassidy survive?

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. Did Butch Cassidy, the notorious Old West outlaw who most historians believe perished in a 1908 shootout in Bolivia, actually survive that battle and live to old age, peacefully and anonymously, in Washington state? And did he pen an autobiography detailing his exploits while cleverly casting the book as biography under another name?

    A rare books collector says he has obtained a manuscript with new evidence that may give credence to that theory.....

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    i've seen a few shows on TV that have said this about both Cassidy and Billy the Kid. Makes you wonder and is interesting.
    we need to encourage harder sentencing on those that are harming our children. our children are worth it!!

    stop the circus!! these children as all children deserve to be found and justice brought forth for what has happened to them!!

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