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    Is 94-Year-Old Zsa Zsa Gabor Going To Be A Mother?

    This story might should fall under bizarre. I feel this may have to do with her imminent death & her husband's inheritance - but just a suspicion - don't know any facts. IMO this is evil or insane.


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    That man needs some meds. I know that sounds flippant but it's not meant that way, he seriously needs meds.

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    This sounds terribly abusive... I hope Hilton gets an order of protection against him for Zsa Zsa-- and any doctor that got involved with such a thing would lose his license faster than the Octo Mom's.

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    I wish her daughter would go to court to get a conservatorship or whatever it's called. Zsa Zsa needs it. I feel so bad for her, being married to someone who doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's exploiting her. They have no money for medical bills but can spend it on billboards ... huh?

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