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    Britain's drunkest woman

    The Sun reports:


    A SHOPLIFTING mum downs up to 28 pints of lager in a single day, a court heard.
    Her solicitor John Relton told the town's magistrates: "You may have noticed my client has a drink problem. She will drink up to 16 litres a day. She has a long-standing appetite for alcohol."
    It's tragic, really. But also bizarre. Is it even possible to drink that much? I understand that chronic alcoholists may easily walk and talk and drive with staggeringly high blood alcohol levels that would leave any normal person either unconscious or dead. But I thought they usually consume something stronger and get to that alcohol level with less fluid intake. 28 pints/16 litres of lager is a lot of weight to carry home from the shop each day, and all that fluid has to go through her bladder at some point. 16 litres is three or four times the entire average blood volume of an adult female. She must be sitting on the toilet seat drinking.

    She has a child and you've got to cause your child all kinds of damage with that much drinking.

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    I am really glad that her child is in foster care, how is she spending 30.00 a day on lager? (a conservative estimate of the cost) best thing that could happen to her IMO is imprisonment, admit to prison hospital and detox under close medical supervision.

    This woman is going to die otherwise
    England's dancing days are done...

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    I can't imagine her detox.

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