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    Bacteria from dog feces in the air above Detroit & Cleveland


    I rarely see my local news. I get all I need right here on WS! But today in searching for news on a missing baby (now found Whoohoo) I also read about all the shooting going on in the city, the dismemberment case, the rape of a 14 yr old, just horrible stuff. I checked out http://www.crimemapping.com/default.aspx
    there is something like 1,500 crimes in the last 6 days in the city! there is not enough room for all the icons, they can only fit 800 at a time. Unreal! I feel for families in the city trying to just survive the day.

    This article kinda makes sense.:-) Not saying we are all full of IT or anything.

    We also have alot of fecal matter in the water, beaches are always getting
    closed. It's pretty gross cuz the next beach down the road might test safe but really do you want to swim in water that tested poor and was closed just up the way? not me. Luv my chlorinated pool:-) Now what to do about the air....

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    Okay, that's gross. blech

    I'm sorry to hear about all the crime... it's tough times, for certain.

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