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    CO - William Walter Asher III Convicted Murderer Escaped for 36 years Caught

    FBI catches fugitive of 36 years in Salida

    SALIDA -- A fugitive from the FBI who led investigators to Chicago, Alaska and Canada apparently spent the last 24 years living less than 90 miles from the scene of the robbery and murder that sent him to prison in the first place.

    And he might have gone undiscovered if his mother hadn't tried to reach him as she neared death in 2005.

    Agents on Friday arrested William Walter Asher III, 66, outside his Salida home. Asher had been living under the name Garry Donald Webb and worked for a truck service company in Lodi.


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    How did this guy just change his name, work without a valid ss#, and avoid detection for 6 years after the fbi had the 'secret number'?

    Interesting, to say the least.

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    I agree SunnieRN, seems sort of weird. He may have assumed someone's identity, maybe a homeless person. I found another article below.


    After multiple name changes, two prison escapes and FBI searches through the United States and Canada, William Walter Asher III was found in Salida, Calif., years after his mother used a secret phone number to contact her son before she died.

    "After 36 years of looking over his shoulder, William Walter Asher III, now 66 years old, is finally back where he belongs—in prison," said a FBI statement.

    Asher was 20 in 1966 when he and three others robbed robbed a San Francisco bar in which the bartender was shot and then beaten to death.


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