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    KY - 12yr old boy raped after telling friends to run so they wouldn't be hurt

    My heart is broken. This little boy was out with his friends, a man in a car like a police car started stalking them, the man got out of the car, the little boy screamed to his friends to run away. They ran, and the guy got the poor little boy, dragged him in the woods and raped him.

    The guy is now out on house arrest on a $30k bond, and the boy's mom and the neighbors are livid. This guy has bothered children in the past.

    I don't usually post pics of perps because I don't want them to get the attention, but you have to see this guy smiling. Pure evil.

    12 year old alleged rape victim describes attack
    Posted: Aug 18, 2011 11:42 PM EDT
    Updated: Aug 19, 2011 10:08 AM EDT

    He says he was with a group headed to the river on Tuts Road in Shepherdsville, when he noticed something suspicious. "I seen the white car keep going up and down the street, like three or four times," said the alleged victim.

    He said it looked like a police car, but knew something wasn't right, when he saw the car park, he told the three girls he was with to start running.

    "Then he grabbed me by the time I started running," said the alleged victim. "He put his hand over my eyes and covered my eyes then drug me to the woods and pushed me into the dirt, then pinned me down."

    That's when the boy says he was sexually assaulted. He says he screamed as loud as he could and eventually scared the man off.


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    Man accused of raping boy out of jail
    Posted: Aug 19, 2011 11:24 AM EDT
    Updated: Aug 19, 2011 5:01 PM EDT

    A man accused of raping a 12-year-old boy is out of jail after posting a $30,000 bond.

    Police say it was set fairly low for such a serious allegation. Investigators tell WDRB, generally the bond is much higher if the defendant is a convicted felon and registered sex offender.


    He was arrested and charged with 1st degree rape on Sunday. He posted a $30,000 bond in property, and was out of jail Monday.

    Police say he lived in the neighborhood but he was not home. Neighbors say he moved out and the place is now up for sale. "I don't see him returning to this area anytime soon if he's got a brain in him," said Toby Tyler, who lives a few doors down.


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    Victim's Mother: 'I Want To Kill The Man'


    "My son calls my husband, his dad answers the phone and he says, 'Dad, I've been raped, get down here,'" said the victim's mother, who asked that WLKY not reveal her identity.

    "So he told the two girls and his best friend, 'Run,'" she said. "By the time he had a chance to take off running, the man came up behind him and grabbed ahold of him around the mouth and he said he grabbed ahold of his arm and dragged him into the woods."

    "I'm angry," she said. "I don't understand how they can sit there and let a sick individual on house arrest when people who do such minor crimes have a hard time getting out."

    The victim's family is having hard time coping with what happened.
    "We want justice to be done," the victim's mother said. "It is very devastating."


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    Shepherdsville man charged in boy's rape

    Detective Scott McGaha, of the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office, said the boy had been swimming with three friends in a lake near their homes Saturday when they saw an old, white police car circle the neighborhood before parking near a wooded area that surrounds the lake.

    “When the guy got out, the boy yelled, ‘Run, run, run,’ and the girls took off running,” McGaha said.

    The boy told police the man then grabbed him, covered his eyes and raped him.


    BBM. That just breaks my heart that this child has such perception and foresight and caring and compassion for others at his age.

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    Neighbors say man accused of raping 12-year-old boy had troubling past

    A young woman is coming forward, saying the suspect contacted her on Facebook years ago.

    And that's not all we're learning from neighbors about his past.


    Many of McHargue's neighbors say that it wasn't the first time McHargue has allegedly shown interest in young children.

    "He pulls up to them and talks and there's three girls in particular that are neighbors of mine," Fred Burbank said, who lives down the street from McHargue.


    Craig Ricard has four daughters under the age of 13-years-old.
    He says he caught McHargue staring across the street at his children recently.

    "After about 15 minutes of watching him watch, I felt uncomfortable," Ricard said. "I continued to watch him for a couple of minutes, and I realized he was watching our kids and I confronted him.”


    Several neighbors also told us McHargue impersonated a police officer while driving a police-style vehicle.


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    Bless his heart. What a great friend and protector. May the family receive the necessary counseling to heal. It seems the community has pulled together.

    Wonder where the perp is? This doesn't seem like this is his first abduction. Does he have a previous record? Employment? For some reason, he has a car that "looks like a cop car".

    McHargue was released on a $60,000 property bond and is now under home arrest.

    While some neighbors are worried about him being in the neighborhood unattended, others think he might be safer somewhere else.

    "If you know anything about Bullitt County at all, this is not a safe place for him,” Burbank said. "He would be safer in jail for sure."

    "Something's not right with that girl" - Jose Baez during Opening Statement

    My post may only be used on Websleuths. Thanks.

    All post are my opinion and speculation only and are not meant as anything else.......so unless I'm quoting MSM, take it for what it's worth!!!

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    How about we post a picture of the judge who let him out?

    Maybe that would get their attention.

    Maybe the judge should keep the dirtbag on house arrest at his/her house.

    (Sorry, I didn't read the whole article. I cannot afford a new computer if I throw this one out the window.)

    ETA: I just called the reporter in this case to ask why the judge was not named. He said they wouldn't even have known about this case except for the mother calling the TV station! NO report from LE that a vicious rapist and kidnapper was separated from the community's children by a piece of paper and an electronic bracelet!!!

    He said he does plan to follow up with the info about the judge. Even more sickening - this guy could have put up as little as $3K cash to get out, but ended up with a property bond for the $30K. That's like putting up your house. Whoopie do da.

    Thank you to the reporters getting this information out to the area families! Keep it up!
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    Dear Lord this poor child. Wouldn't this warrant a kidnapping charge?

    The guy does have a FB


    However, he also has two Myspaces one of which he posted a photo that looks like it was taken at a police station IMO. I'll post the link.

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    I feel for this boy...I hope he recieves the proper therapy and can overcome this horrible event in his life. He is a very brave boy and good friend!

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    He posted this photograph on May 10, 2011 on his Myspace which is devoid of information save for his zodiac sign.


    This is an extremely dangerous individual. The pic can't be from a police station as I can see a picture frame to the left, but that isn't important. The fact that this poor child is so harmed is important and the fact this criminal is sitting around somewhere is most important.

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    You know what that pic looks like to me? It looks like the kind of pic somebody takes when they want one to post online.

    I wonder where all - and what all - he's posting on the net. And downloading from the net.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelmom View Post

    Even more sickening - this guy could have put up as little as $3K cash to get out, but ended up with a property bond for the $30K. That's like putting up your house. Whoopie do da.
    KY doesn't have bail bondsmen. You have to pay the entire amount or do a property bond.
    Tammie in Miami

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    WTH is wrong with this judge !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luzer View Post
    KY doesn't have bail bondsmen. You have to pay the entire amount or do a property bond.
    I was just going by what the reporter said. He told me in KY it was 10%.

    But googling shows you are correct. My apologies.

    Still don't think it's nearly enough for what this maniac did.

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    I'd like a little more information before joining<modsnip> against the judge. It's been commented on that the bond is unusually low - are there any reasons the judge might have been limited or capped in the amount set? For instance, does that jurisdiction limit by income? Is there some sort of multiplier or statutory guideline for bond the judge had to follow? From what I understand, the theory is that bond is not set for the crime committed, but for the flight risk the defendant poses (along with other criteria).

    It's quite possible the judge was following the normal bond calculation constuction (flight risk + prior history + ties to the community + total income, etc. etc.), and that was the highest s/he could set. I don't think most judges are soft on this sort of crime, so I'm thinking there's some sort of extenuating circumstances with the bond. We're shocked by the heinousness of the crime, but the crime alone does not determine bond.
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