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    TX - Houston, September 1989, White Female (85UFTX) identified as male - Paul Segura

    Highly unusual, but this female Doe has now been identified as a young male, Eric Segura. Could not find a thread in the Unidentified forum dedicated to this Doe Network case so thought I should start it here.

    Doe Network link -

    The Doe Network:
    Case File 85UFTX

    Unidentified White Female
    Located on September 19, 1989 in Houston, Texas
    Estimated Date of Death: 3 weeks to 3 months prior
    Cause of Death: Gunshot wound to the head
    Skeletal Remains

    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: 12-19 years old
    Approximate Height and Weight: 5'2-5'5"; 110-130 lbs.
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Light brown hair, 5-7".
    Dentals: Available. The victim's teeth revealed no dental work.
    Clothing: "Hanes", white pullover T-shirt with “Guess Products” printed on front, size M; men's red drawstring shorts, with a black and white stripe on the side, brand “Priority Male”, size 28. No shoes.
    DNA: Available in Codis

    Case History
    The victim was located in a wooded area behind 12200 Fleming in East Houston, Texas on September 19, 1989.
    She was shot one time in the top of the head. Six teenage boys taking a shortcut through the field next to the Yorkshire Village Apartments in the 12200 block of Fleming discovered the remains covered with sticks, a rubber mat and a shopping cart.

    Article -

    HOUSTON—For the last 22 years, Edith Montenegro has been waiting for her son to come home.

    In August of 1989, 13-year-old Paul Segura left their southwest Houston apartment to take a Metro bus across town.

    "He went to visit my daughter’s godmother and her son," said Montenegro.

    But Paul never made it back, and until last week, she never knew what happened to him.

    "Now they tell me they found him and he is gone," Montenegro said, with tears rolling down her face.

    She said she always had hope he would return one day.

    "Yes I did. I thought he ran away and didn’t want to be found or something," Montenegro said.

    To begin to tell what happened, we must go back to just a few weeks after Paul disappeared 22 years ago.

    That’s when a passerby found badly decomposed remains in a wooded area behind an east Houston neighborhood. The address was 12200 Fleming.

    It was determined the deceased was likely a teenager, and that the child had been shot in the back of the head. But because the victim had long hair, and a woman’s bra was found nearby, investigators always believed they were dealing with a teenage girl.

    More at the link above

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    With all the latest technology, how did they go years without positively confirming gender? Thanks to all the new advances, I believe there is a way to determine gender via DNA. I think this happened with some of the bodies that were found in Stanley Park, where if I can remember correctly, they were able to extract DNA from a tooth.

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    I think they probably thought they HAD determined gender. It just reminds me that everyone is human and capable of mistakes. Also, that there's no such thing as 'exact science.'

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    I've just realised I said his name was Eric in the actual post. Not sure why I did that, must have been reading something else and got mixed up. Tried to edit that now but couldn't, but his name was definitely Paul. Sorry about that.

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