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    OR - Robert Kenneth found naked in sleeping bag with 15 yr. old boy

    It makes me so sad that young teens resort to selling their young bodies on Craigslist for whatever reason. This young man might have been addicted to meth but this was no typical guy-to-guy meet-up. It, by very definition can't be, as he's a child. He can't consent in Oregon until he's 18. There are no exceptions. We're talking about a boy who should be in 8th or 9th grade. There was a cut back in prostitution ads on Craigslist after the changes about a year ago. However, I've noticed that the Casual Encounters section--especially those between men--haven't lessened at all. Fewer photos, that's it.

    And Mr. Kenneth has an address (he's been around) and family. That might be why he was camped out behind a school with this boy. Shameful.

    Interestingly enough, looks like he ordered a photo printer a couple of years ago from Amazon. Hmmm. There's a man in Portland with this same name and age who is the Communications Officer for a large corporation. There's a photo too. Looks like him to me but I want to be certain before I post.


    Portland man arrested in Newberg after being found naked in sleeping bag with 15-year-old male

    "A 50-year-old Portland [OR] man was arrested last week in Newberg after he was found lying naked in a sleeping bag with a 15-year-old male near an elementary school. A Newberg-Dundee police officer responded at about 4:25 a.m. on Aug 17 to an athletic field next to Edwards Elementary School and found Robert Charles Kenneth with the teenager and a small amount of marijuana and methamphetamine. Kenneth told officers he met the teenager on Craigslist two months ago..."

    more at link (plus mug shot)

    If this young teen didn't have challenges to overcome before, he sure does now, thanks to a predator.

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    If the one address I find is correct for Mr. Kenneth, that's a "toney" area of NW Portland. The flat listed is adjacent to a really popular children's toy store. Just dandy.


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    I guess Kenneth might have needed to print out photos prior to getting a fancier phone:


    Police: Man found naked under blanket with teen

    "....Detectives say Kenneth told them he met the teen on Craig's List and they had been talking for about two months. The suspect said he had phone conversations with the victim and traded pictures with him, before meeting in Newberg, according to the investigation.

    The suspect's cell phone was seized as evidence, according to police. Newberg police worry there may be more victims. Anyone with information is urged to call (503) 538-8321..."

    More at link

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