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    KY - Body of a Baby Girl Found, Grayson, Oct 2004

    This hits close to home My hometown, even. Just outside of Grayson, Kentucky the body of a baby girl, approximately 2 months old, was found in an abandoned house. The body was badly decomposed, and LE believe she has been in the house (which had been abandoned for at least 14 years) for at least a month.

    As of last night, LE could not find any evidence that the baby girl had been born in a hospital, and a home birth had not been ruled out. Without the records from a hospital birth, it may be impossible to find the parents of this baby girl.
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    thats horrible, I hope they can come up with something...

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    This poor little baby...
    I hope they are able to find out what happened to her and who is responsible.

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    These stories just break my heart!

    Why couldnt they just leave the baby at a church or hospital or even on someones doorstep???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    Maybe it was born dead? I don't like either thought but I hope it wasn't left there alive and suffered.

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    Arrest Made in the Infant discovered in abandoned house in Grayson, Ky ("Baby Jane Doe")***
    Follow up to 10/24/04 News Release

    Date of News Release: 12/21/2004

    An image of Amada Campbell(Ashland, KY) - Kentucky State Police in Ashland have arrested a Flatwoods resident in connection with the death of an infant discovered in an abandoned house on Stinson road in Grayson, Ky. Amada Campbell , age 22, of Flatwoods (formerly of Stinson Road) was arrested this afternoon by KSP detectives following an intensive investigation into the death of "Baby Jane Doe". Through the investigation process, authorities were able to determine the identity of the infant as well as the birth mother. An arrest warrant was subsequently obtained. Campbell was charged with Murder and Concealing the Birth of an Infant, and lodged in the Carter County Detention Center.

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