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    CA - Owner put naked yogurt-store employee inside box,L.A.

    What is wrong with people? Poor girl! I'm so glad she escaped!

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    Sometimes, there are just no words. Poor girl.

    I find at least one jaw-dropping headline a day here. And it's only 10:30am right now.
    Just my opinion.

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    Thank God she escaped. I hope this guy gets the longest sentence possible under the law! This girl does not need to live in fear of this guy.

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    Oh. My. God.

    Robert Yachen Lee alleged lured the employee to a storage room above O My Yogurt on south Atlantic Boulevard early Wednesday, knocked her unconscious and then -- after removing her clothing and dressing her in an adult diaper -- placed her in a box, authorities said.

    The victim told authorities that when she came to, she was bound with tape and had a collar around her neck.
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    she probably saved a lot of other victims by escaping & reporting

    no doubt he had plans to kill her & others after her

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