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    AR - Dr. Byron Beaver for rape of 7yo, Conway, 2011


    Conway [AR] doctor pleads not guilty to rape charges

    "At this point, neither prosecutors nor defense attorneys are saying all that much. Dr. Byron Beaver is charged with two counts of rape. Deputies say the victim is a seven-year-old who knows him...."


    "...Prosecutors are similarly tight-lipped right now, saying little other than these charges are serious. "Any time you're dealing with rape and sexual assault, you know, it's a serious charge..."


    "....During Beaver's hearing today he told the judge he wanted to keep working despite the charges so he could continue to support his family. The judge did reduce Beaver's bond, but his employer, the St. Vincent health system, released a statement saying pending the outcome of the charges, Beaver will not be scheduled for work...."

    more at link (plus video)

    An earlier article:


    Conway doctor arrested on rape charges

    "A Conway doctor has been arrested on rape charges involving a seven-year-old girl. Officials with the Faulkner County Sheriff's Department say Dr. Byron Kevin Beaver, 39, of Conway was arrested Friday night after an investigation based on allegations made by the mother of the child victim...."


    "....After speaking with the victim and discussing the case, a decision was made to seek a warrant for the arrest of the suspect...."

    more at link (mug shot)

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    Looks like Dr. Beaver has also practiced in Beaumont, TX in the field of emergency medicine, wound care, procedural dermatology, undersea and hyperbaric medicine:


    A reviewer from last year calls him compassionate and caring, a "monumental asset to humanity". But I doubt that reviewer is seven.

    According to this blog on August 23rd:


    "....Beaver's bond was reduced to $50,000 and he has bonded out of jail.

    In keeping with the terms of his release, Beaver is required to wear an electronic monitoring device and will be on house arrest. However, he will still be allowed to work at his wound care practice in Morrilton and attend church...."

    more at link

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    Well, we wouldn't want him to miss church, now would we?

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    And Louisiana too:


    Be aware that there's another man with the same first name, middle initial and last name. He's a bit older and not related, I don't believe. Byron Kevin Beaver, the accused, has a number of addresses.

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    No, we sure wouldn't. I'll never forget Dr. Emilio Luna requesting permission to go to church after being arrested for producing child porn. Never seen again.........

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    Convicted and sentenced to 90 years today. And by the way...it was a 7 year old BOY not girl. This is the doctor from Conway, Arkansas NOT Texas

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    Cleashindra Hall vanished 5/9/94 just 9 days before she was to graduate HS as Valedictorian.
    She was last seen at the home/office of a doctor for whom she worked after school...only 1/2 mi down the road from her home.
    That home was not searched until 4/29/2012 - but investigators forgot to submit the evidence to the crime lab.

    Clea has few visitors on her WS thread, please come & hear her story. This case can be solved.

    Clea's WS Thread: http://goo.gl/2T28K
    Clea's FB Page:http://goo.gl/p3Ntw
    Clea's Blog: http://goo.gl/y7Wa5
    Cleashindra Hall- Missing Since 5/9.94 - Pine Bluff, AR

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    My heart aches with pride and grief for the bravest little boy around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernSummer View Post
    Convicted and sentenced to 90 years today. And by the way...it was a 7 year old BOY not girl. This is the doctor from Conway, Arkansas NOT Texas

    90 years. Finally, a justice system that delivers a real punishment for these crimes.

    Poor baby, the little boy testified against this monster. What a brave little man.
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    Finally,a sentence that fits the crime! I hope he never gets the chance of parole,statistically he would re-offend so better to keep the ******* locked away.!!

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    All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; The point is to discover them.

    Jodi Ann Arias - GUILTY 1st Degree Murder

    Sentence - LIFE Without Parole

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