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    PA - Woman In Wheelchair Beat By Husband And Then He Tried To Drown Her

    A neighbor cried when he found out his friend John Geisinger had beat his wife Loulla with a bat and tried to drown her. The neighbor said Loulla has MS and hardly ever leaves the home. They are proud people and did not ask for help. In fact the neighbors offered assistance after Loulla suffered several falls, but the Geisingers declined help.

    After beating Loulla with the bat several times John then tried to drown her in the tub. He left for work at his job delivering auto parts, and later called his boss telling him he did something awful and tried to "mercy kill" Louella. She is now in the hospital after the boss called police.

    Poor Louella. How sad is this? I'm nobody to judge, but if he was going to commit a "mercy killing" wouldn't there have been many, many less violent ways to help his wife?

    It's extremely sad as well they would not accept help. I so understand that as I was raised like that. However, I reprogrammed myself because being a caregiver well you can't do it soley alone without getting burned out.

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    Oh Filly, this one hurts. As a person who is 95% bedbound and dependent on my husband, I can only imagine the sadness and frustration he goes through. But he's so tender with me, even when I know he wants to throttle me for being stubborn. Am I ever counting my blessings tonight.

    If this were definitely an obvious mercy killing, I'd have deep sympathy for both of these folks but as you said, there are far kinder ways. I'm sure glad I live in Oregon and have that option if I ever reached that point. But surely Louella did not choose a bat and attempted drowning. My Lord, that's just plain cruel. I think the real story is that Mr. Geisinger lost it and did the unthinkable. I can't help but have empathy for him. He's obviously got a job, a household to maintain, and a very ill wife. Pride is one thing but a caregiver HAS to know when to take a break. It's a lot like caring for an infant (or a group of young children), you must take care of yourself or you'll crack. It sounds like Louella surely needed help as she couldn't cook or care for the home but John was setting up his truck to take her to antique car shows with her scooter. It doesn't sound like she was knocking on Jesus' door.

    As for poor Louella, my heart just breaks. She must be beyond shock. Who will care for her now?

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